Globalstar GSP-2900 Fixed Phone System
Fixed Phone System

Globalstar GSP-2900 Fixed Phone System

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Globalstar GSP-2900 Fixed Phone System

Any vehicle, vessel or structure can now connect to satellite voice and data services. With Globalstar’s versatile fixed phone system, personnel in even the most remote worksites can access email, voicemail, and the Internet. This efficient connection persists even during natural disasters and other emergencies, building a bridge of communication across almost any expanse of land or water. The GSP-2900 Fixed Satellite Phone System provides a convenient and critical connection to co-workers and projects. As many as five RJ11 jacks can be used to provide a dial tone to any standard or cordless phone. Backup batteries, dedicated generators, and other secondary power supplies come standard with Globalstar’s fixed satellite phones. Installation options are virtually endless—GSP-2900 phones have been utilized in boats, ships, cottages, skyscrapers, oil rigs and service vans. For any site you can imagine, fulfill a critical part of your disaster management and emergency preparedness plan by using the GSP-2900 for an affordable backup communications system.

  • Housing 25 x 21.6 x 8.4 cm
  • Antenna 49.5 cm H x 2.5 cm diameter
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30 to +60°C (-22 to +140°F)
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40 to +85°C (-40 to +185°F)
  • Power consumption 25 watt maximum at 12 VDC nominal input voltage, 12 watt typical operation

Data Network
  • Serial data cable (port speed 19,200bps)
  • Supports direct TCP/IP and asynchronous modem communications
  • ExpressData provides up to 28kbps throughput (Uncompressed speed 9600bps)
  • Send emails, surf Internet, transfer files easily and quickly
Flexible Installation
  • Telephone line can be up to 244 m (800 ft)
  • Data cable (CAT5) can be up to 90m (300 ft)

Calling Features
  • Standard International Dialing ("00" or "011" prefix)
  • Mailbox for voice, messages

Phone Headset Compatibility
  • Standard modular phone jack (RJ11)
  • Compatible with all standard wired analog phones
  • Compatible with virtually all cordless phones

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