IsatPhone Inactive Inmarsat Prepaid SIM Card
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IsatPhone Inactive Inmarsat Prepaid SIM Card

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IsatPhone Inactive Inmarsat Prepaid SIM Card

Never worry about expiring prepaid minutes and expiration dates. With the IsatPhone Inactive Inmarsat Prepaid SIM Card you will have a card on hand and at the ready for use; just activate it whenever you need it. Having this IsatPhone Inactive Inmarsat Prepaid SIM Card on hand at all times will help you get connected faster when a new SIM card is needed. In a tight situation where you are about to go off the grid and your current card is about to expire soon an Inactive SIM Card can be a lifesaver. Do not get stuck without service because of an expiring SIM card in an inopportune situation. Pick up a spare Inactive SIM Card for Inmarsat Service to throw in your pack today!

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5 x .25 in
Validity 0 Days
Region Worldwide Coverage, Minus Extreme Polar Regions.
Can Recharge Airtime? Yes, at anytime after deactivation.
Units / Voice Minutes 0 Units / 0 Minutes
Compatible Equipment IsatPhone Pro & IsatPhone 2

To calculate your minutes for how many units you have purchased use the chart below. Find the service that you are connecting to on the left with your device and divide the total units purchased from the conversion rate on the right (units from the chart) and that will show you your total minutes. For instance, if you purchased a 50 unit SIM card and you are connecting to a land line your conversion rate is 1.3 units from the chart.

So, for the example just mentioned:

  1. Get a calculator
  2. Type in 50 (total units purchased)
  3. Divide it by 1.3 (for this example we are using "Landline" but use the conversion rate for whatever service you are connecting to with your device)
  4. Your result is how many minutes you have to connect to a (Landline for this example) per that 50 unit SIM card. For this conversion rate in particular the result is 38.46 minutes.
 Service  Conversion Rate (Units)
 PSTN Fixed (Landline and US Cellular) - 1.3   Units  1.3 Units
 Other Cellullar  1.3 Units
 BGAN/FBB/SBB  1.3 Units
 LandPhone/IsatPhone/FleetPhone  1.3 Units
 SMS outgoing  .5 Units
 Inmarsat B  3.4 Units
 Inmarsat M v/f/d  2.9 Units
 Inmarsat Mini-M v/f/d  2.5 Units
 Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/Swift  2.5 Units
 Inmarsat Aero  4.9 Units
 Iridium voice  11 Units
 Globalstar voice  8 Units
 Thuraya voice  5 Units
 Other MSS carriers  6.9 Units