Osprey BAY
Satellite Tracking

Osprey BAY

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Osprey BAY

Fully ready to go, you can be testing in less than 15 minutes with the Osprey BAY. Based upon the Iridium 9602 Modem (short burst data) it is fully functional and application ready. Weatherproof enclosure, enclosed battery, Analog and Digital I/O, USB, and many more features to make your global solution that much more convenient. With the ability to track, monitor, and configure over-the-air this device is much more than just a tracker; it’s an all-in-one solution!


  • Digital Inputs-2 (One can be programmed to act as a pulse counter)
  • Analog Input-0-30 Volt
  • Vibration/Movement Detection
  • GeoFence Monitoring

Over-the-Air Query/Programming

  • Query Values over-the-air
  • Change configuration over-the-air
  • Query configuration for confirmation
  • Control Digital Outputs over-the-air


  • Single Enclosure - IP67 Rating (TMC)
  • Embedded Iridium and GPS Antenna
  • Stand Alone-Tracking Device
  • Accessory Cable supplied for recharging, monitoring, and control