ACR Bivy Stick

ACR Bivy Stick

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Advanced Two-Way Satellite Communicator

The Bivy Platform, which consists of the Bivy Stick and the Bivy App, combines rich hardware and software to deliver the ideal balance of safety and convenience. Use the Bivy Platform to plan your expedition, keep on track throughout the course of that adventure, and stay in touch with everyone who cares throughout, all while knowing that aid is always available at the touch of a button.


Turn your cell phone into a satellite communication device with the Bivy Stick. The Bivy Stick has global satellite coverage via the Iridium satellite network, so you can communicate from anyplace with a clear view of the sky. Despite its small size, the Bivy Stick has a robust feature set that includes two-way text messaging, SOS, location sharing, one-touch Checkin, and extensive weather updates delivered directly to your phone via satellite. The Bivy Stick also has a dedicated phone number and email address, which is a feature not seen on many other satellite communicators. This useful feature enables for unsolicited inbound communications, which means that those who matter to you can contact you at any moment without you having to initiate contact.

The Bivy Stick's value is further boosted by crucial accessories such as the huge number of mounting choices available. The numerous mounts offered allow users to connect the Bivy Stick to any vehicle, rucksack, or structure, making it a perfect item for travelers who frequently switch activities. The availability of a portable and lightweight solar panel adds to the versatility of use. The solar panel, which uses intelligent charging technology, allows users to efficiently harvest solar power and increase the battery life of the Bivy Stick when off the grid.

Bivy App's Role

The Bivy app contains over 50,000 adventures waiting to be discovered. With the Bivy app, you can locate a spot to do whatever you want in the great outdoors. The Bivy App is a versatile tool that can facilitate all of your adventure needs, with twenty various experience types at your fingertips.

You may also keep track of all your experiences with the Bivy App. Keep track of your speed, distance, altitude, and more. You'll also have access to detailed offline maps from all across the world. Even if you don't have cellular coverage, you'll always know where you are. ACR's Bivy Stick delivers the safety and comfort of mind of inexpensive and dependable satellite communication to everyone as a leader in life-saving solutions for both professional and recreational use.

Features and Benefits

  • No activation or annual fees
  • Global satellite coverage (Iridium)
  • Send and recieve messages via satellite
  • Weather forecasts via satellite
  • SOS monitoring via satellite (Global Rescue)
  • Location tracking and sharing via satellite
  • Map display and navigation
  • Offline maps
  • One-touch Checkin (available directly from device and via the app)
  • Thousands of mapped climbing, hiking, biking, paddling, skiing routes
  • Send/receive messages and exchange locations with other Bivy Stick users
  • Unsolicited incoming messages
  • Dedicated phone number and email
  • Personal profile with tracks and stats
  • Hundreds of mounts available
  • Small and lightweight
Name Bivy Stick
Product Description Two-Way Satellite Communicator
Part Number 4601
Applications Including but not limited to: Backpacking, Hiking, Climbing, Camping, Sailing/Yachting, Skiing, Snow Mobiling, Hunting, Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddle boarding, Aviation, Remote Workers, Utility Workers etc.
Size 4.47” (L) x 1.85” (W) x 0.83” (D)
11.35 cm (L) x 4.7 cm (W) x 2.11 cm (D)
Weight 3.35 oz (100 g)
Rechargeable Battery Lithium Ion Polymer (1400 mAh)
Battery Life Up to 120 hrs with standard operation at default setting
Water Rating IPX7
Interface USB-C
SOS Activation Manual (via Bivy Stick device or via Bivy app)
SOS Emergency Monitoring Global Rescue
Wireless Bluetooth® 4 (Bluetooth® Low Energy - BLE)
Bivy App Available in the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android)
Accessories (included) USB-C Charging Cable, Carabiner, Cord, and ¼-20 Mount Adaptor
Accessories (optional) 48 Piece Mounting Kit, Quick Release Mounting Buckle, Suction Cup Mount, Bivy Clamp, 15W Solar Panel, Bike Handlebar Mount
Warranty 1 year