ACR ResQLink 400 Survival Kit

ACR ResQLink 400 Survival Kit

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ACR ResQLink 400 Survival Kit

Wherever your adventure takes you, whether it is a trip to the highest mountain peaks, the most undiscovered terrain, or the vastest of oceans, you can rest assured when you packed your ResQLink 400 Survival Kit that you will com home safe. Simply Activate the ResQLink 400 by deploying the antenna, press the on button, and the beacon will do the rest for you by effortlessly guiding rescuers to within 100 meters or less or your position.

When they arrive on scene the bright LED C-Strobe H2O strobe light will get rescuers attention at night or in daylight hours use the signal mirror to gain their attention. Conveniently store all your emergency gear inside the RapidDitch Dry Bag to keep your survival kit conveniently together.

This kit features the following essential survival products:

  • ResQLink 400 Personal Locator Beacon
  • C-Strobe H2O Rescue Light
  • Signal Mirror
  • Res-Q Whistle
  • RapidDitch Express Bag