AERO Aviation Antenna AT135-3

AERO Aviation Antenna AT135-3

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AERO Aviation Antenna AT135-3

Built to Order: 8 weeks ARO

The AT135-3 is a combination GPS, VHF, communications, and XM satellite receiver antenna is designed for use with WAAS Gamma 3 GPS receivers and is suitable for use on all turbine, turboprop, and piston airframes. The AERO Aviation Antenna AT135-3 brings a high-quality signal and top-notch performance to the aviation industry while keeping everyone connected in the air on a global scope. The AERO AT135-3 is designed to replace three separate antennas with one antenna, reducing both weight and drag and minimizing the number of penetrations to the airframe. The AT135-3 antenna is engineered and approved under TSO C190 and TSO C169a.

GPS Specification

Frequency 1575.42 ± 10.23 Mhz
Polarization Right Hand Circular
Axial Ratio 3 dB MAX at Boresight
Relative Radiation PER RTCA/CO-301

Amplifier (GPS)

Gain 29.5 ± 3 dB Over Temperature
Noise Figure 2.5 dB MAX. @25°C
Impedance 50 OHMS
VSWR ≤1.5:1
Power Handling 1 Watt
Voltage 4.5-15 VDC
Current 60 mA MAX.
Connector (GPS) TNCF

VHF Specification

Frequency 118-137 MHz
Polarization Vertical
Axial Ratio 3 dB MAx at Bore Sight
Relative Radiation Omni-directional
Impedance 50 OHMS
VSWR ≤2.5:1
Power Rating 50 Watts
Connector (VHF) BNCF

XM Specification

Frequency 2332.2-2345 MHz
Polarization Left Hand Circular
Axial Ratio 3 dB MAx at Bore Sight

Amplifier (XM)

Gain 24 ± 2 dB
Noise Figure 1.1 dB MAX. @25°C, 1.5 dB MAX Over Temperature
Impedance 50 OHMS
VSWR ≤1.5:1
Input IP3 -15 dBm (MIN)
DC Voltage 3.6-5.5VDC
DC Current 55 mA MAX
Connector(XM) TNCF
Finish Polyurethane Enamel, Fluid Resistant
Weight 21oz MAX.
Altitude 55,000'
Operating Temp -55°C to +70°C
TSO C190, Incomplete C169a
Colors White(standard)
  • Aviation Antenna
  • GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS
  • FAA Approved Under TSO C-144
  • VHF Frequency: 118-137 Mhz
  • XM Frequency: 2332.5-2345 Mhz
  • GPS Frequency: 1575.42 +10.23 Mhz
  • Finish: Polyurethane Enamel,White
  • Weight: 21 OZ
  • Altitude: 55,000
  • Operating Temp: -55 degrees C to +70 degrees C
  • Designed to: DO-160E
  • TSO: C-190, Incomplete C-169A
ACR C-Strobe Personal Distress Beacon USCG Approval