AERO Aviation Antenna AT2775-110GA

AERO Aviation Antenna AT2775-110GA

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AERO Aviation Antenna AT2775-110GA

The AERO Aviation Antenna AT2775-110GA is a high-performance antenna which can be installed on all turbine, turboprop, and piston airframes. It assists in bringing a good strong signal from the only company that delivers truly global coverage, Iridium. Also, with the Iridium Network you can expect top-notch service as well, it is one of the world’s most trusted companies for global communications. The AT2775-110GA antenna is FAA approved under TSO C-144 for use with Iridium satellite receivers for voice or data communications. It brings added convenience to your global communications solution while adding even more convenience to an already convenient line of products from AERO.

Standard Model #: AT2775-110GAW-TNCF-000-00-00-NM


Frequency 1595 ± 30Mhz
Polarization Right Hand Circular
Axial Ratio 3dB MAX
Radiation Coverage 4.0 dBic
-1.0 dBic
-2.5 dBic
-4.5 dBic
-7.5 dBic
0 = 0°
0° < 0 < 75°
75° ≤ 0 < 80°
80° ≤ 0 < 85°
0 < 90°

AERO Aviation Antenna AT2775-110GA Blueprint

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