Apollo X-Mail Satellite Data Services Suite

Apollo X-Mail Satellite Data Services Suite

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Apollo X-Mail

Apollo X-Mail is the easiest and fastest way to check and send email while on the water or in remote locations. Without Apollo X-Mail, connecting to data over a satellite phone can be difficult: uncompressed email and web-browsing over a slow satellite connection means long wait times, dropped connections, and expensive airtime at the end. Furthermore, connecting a mobile device or laptop up to the data feed created by a satellite phone often requires complicated setups, driver compatibility issues, and software. Lastly, getting satellite to work with iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and some Windows systems is often impossible.

Email Fetching

Apollo X-Mail will fetch and forward email from multiple addresses so you can access your email accounts with the same speed and efficiency as X-Mail. X-Mail works with either a dedicated email address for maximum security and performance, or your existing email services, like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! Mail, or your corporate mail service.

Crew Accounts

Crew Accounts lets the administrator create, modify and delete temporary email addresses right on site; easily providing customized and controlled email accounts for temporary crew members or passengers.

File Transfer

Apollo X-Mail File Transfer handling provides automatic inventory control, regular reporting, and logging of data. Once set up, X-Mail will take local information from a computer and send it as an email attachment automatically.


Who Uses Apollo X-Mail?

Apollo X-Mail is perfect for anyone who uses a satellite phone. It works on any system, and lets you get more done in less time, all while saving airtime costs. Whether staying in touch outside of cellular coverage areas, or accessing email for business continuity after a hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster, X-Mail has thousands of satisfied users in the following applications:

Recreational Maritime

X-Mail provides email and data services for every level of the recreational maritime market. Because X-Mail works on a flexible subscription basis, it’s perfect for short-term activities like offshore racing and seasonal cruising, coastal cruising and regattas, to more long-term activities like liveaboard cruisers and sailing.

Hikers and Expeditions

X-Mail is perfect for those traveling to remote locations. Hikers, explorers, and mountain-climbers all use XGate to keep in contact with family and friends. Campers, hunters, and even RVers in remote locations use X-Mail. We’ve even had clients set up Wi-Fi cafés in their hunting or fishing lodge for guests.

Commercial Maritime

From commercial fishing and maritime transport, to cruise ship internet cafes, X-Mail serves all levels of commercial maritime activity. X-Mail is the leading email client for ship to shore communications, maritime IT services, and communication solutions for offshore oil rigs and oil tankers.

General Aviation

Want to do email in the sky? X-Mail is a perfect fit for your airborne communication needs. We’ve helped set up WiFi cafes in airplanes, and provided airlines and pilots with the services to allow their guests and crew to access the internet onboard. With X-Mail, it’s possible to stay connected, even at 30,000 feet.

Remote Workers

Remote workers like offshore oil rigs and exploration expeditions use X-Mail. Hospitals, ambulance groups, insurance adjusters and others in the first responder industry find X-Mail to be unparalleled for keeping in contact during crises. We provide service to many levels of government, including the Coast Guard, Police, and research divisions.



Satellite Phone Email - Fast, Easy, and Affordable

Apollo X-Mail provides all the benefits of a fully-featured email service – right over a satellite feed. With X-Mail, emails can be written and read offline (saving airtime) and then, with a press of a button, X-Mail dials the satellite phone, makes the connection, and hangs up when it’s done. If the call drops (which can be a problem for some satellite phones in some regions), X-Mail can redial and simply pick up the data transfer where it left off. Only X-Mail also eliminates the back-and-forth of email protocols before using satellite airtime. X-Mail provides you with a new email address or maximum security and performance, and it works with your existing addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, or your corporate address.

Accelerated Web Browsing

Browse the web over satellite with compression. X-Mail’s XWeb compression loads pages up to 10 times faster, compresses pictures and text, scans for virus and malware, and provides overall protocol compression. This means you get your web-pages 3 to 5 times faster (and benefit from 3 to 5 times the airtime savings).

Weather Forecasts via iOS and Android

Get weather forecast data from NOAA right on your iOS or Android mobile devices with XGate Weather. Powerful, flexible and customizable, XGate Weather is a quick way to get basic weather information at your fingertips. Features include:

  • Multiple locations: current GPS location, location by airport code, or enter a specific GPS location.
  • 3-7 days user selectable forecasts
  • 1-6 hour display frequency
  • Metric and Imperial measurements support
  • Selectable weather parameters, including: Temperature; surface pressure; mean sea level pressure; Wind speed; wind direction; wave period; wave height; visibility; wave direction; rain, freezing rain, ice, and snow forecast; UV index; convective precipitation; total precipitation; cloud cover; atmospheric instability; dew point; perceived temperature and thunderstorm probability.
  • Weather Forecasts via GRIB: Receive GRIB files right to your inbox with XGate. All your weather information needs easily within reach – and with the same batch compression technology that saves you money and time.

PredictWind Offshore Weather Service and GRIB Viewer

Easily get weather forecasts with the included PredictWind Offshore app – Critical wind, wave, temperature and precipitation forecasts are free with XGate; Add weather router, departing planning and more for a small monthly fee. PredictWind is top-of-the-line weather and wind forecasting software with full GRIB file viewer and requester. Used by tens of thousands of users worldwide, PredictWind is a world leader in marine weather and wind software.

Update Facebook and Twitter in real time

Update friends and family on Facebook and Twitter right through X-Mail. Allow friends and family to follow adventures in real time, right as you experience them. You can even post pictures (and benefit from the airtime savings when X-Mail compresses them down).