ASE 9575 Iridium 9575 Docking Station
Docking Station

ASE 9575 Iridium 9575 Docking Station

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ASE 9575 Docking Station

Designed for the Iridium 9575 Extreme, the ASE 9575 Docking Station can be paired with a Palm-Mic, Intelligent handset, or remote speaker and microphone. Applications are in-vehicle, in-building, or anywhere “Grab and Go” is needed. This beautiful docking station is specifically built for the Iridium Extreme and it brings added convenience to an already convenient line of equipment from ASE.

Innovative Connections

A variety of voice connections are possible with the ASE 9575 Dock. A palm held speaker/mic can be added as an optional add-on with push-to-talk (PTT) options which is familiar with many first responders and security personnel. Other voice interfaces include standard speaker/mic for in-vehicle hands-free operation, privacy intelligent handset, and optional POTS/RJ-11 for long distance solutions, wireless handsets, and office PBX integration. ASE’s exclusive SmartDial feature further simplifies satellite dialing from both the POTS/RJ-11 and privacy handset interfaces.

A Perfect Match

The ASE 9575 Docking Station supports and enhances the power of the 9575 handset by coupling external Iridium and GPS signals and exposing all handset ports and buttons to the user when docked. This includes easy access to the SOS Emergency Button. It fits perfectly! The ASE 9575 Docking Station securely locks the handset in place and provides a latching connection to eliminate vibration and ensure reliable communications even in the most rugged conditions. The dock fully supports all location and tracking features including Iridium Extreme portal providers and partners of location-based services (LBS).


Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 6 in
Primary Features Hands-Free Operation
GPS Reporting
SMS Texting
Single All-In-One Compact Design
SOS Messaging
Iridium Voice Communication
Battery Charger
Supports Iridium WiFi Access Point
POTS / RJ11 for PBX or Wireless Base Station
Device Dimensions 17cm (6.69 inches) x 7cm (2.76 inches) x 6.4cm (2.52 inches)
Device Weight .68kg (1.5 pounds)
Mounting Direct Wall Mount or Universal Mounting
Multiple Solutions Maritime
Gas & Oil
Corporate Resilience
Backup Communications
Remote Sites
  • Tracking
  • Location
  • GPS
  • SOS
  • Handset Charging
  • SMS
  • Antenna Solutions
  • PTT
  • Direct USB