BEAM IsatDOCK Passive Antenna (Fixed)

BEAM IsatDOCK Passive Antenna (Fixed)

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BEAM IsatDOCK Passive Antenna

The BEAM IsatDOCK Passive Antenna brings convenience to your global communications solution from a fixed location. With this passive antenna you can make sure that your signal remains strong and with its rugged build you can always rest easy that a strong signal will always be there. The IsatDOCK Antenna is a dual mode Inmarsat GPS antenna, designed predominantly for land. The BEAM dual mode directional/fixed antenna is supplied with U-bolts that enables it to be securely mounted on to a pole. The directional/fixed antenna is fitted with an SMA female connector for GPS and a SMA for Inmarsat.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 8 in
Applications Farm house/remote community
Remote offices/branches
Emergency Communications
Device Dimensions 231mm (9.10 inches) x 142mm (5.60 inches) x 142mm (5.60 inches)
Device Weight .9kg (1.95 pounds)
  • High quality fixed antenna
  • Passive antenna
  • Pole/Mast mounting
  • Directional