Cobham Sailor FleetBroadband 500
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Cobham Sailor FleetBroadband 500

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Cobham Sailor FleetBroadband 500

The Cobham Sailor FleetBroadband 500 is designed for vessels and platforms with demanding requirements for connectivity. It meets the critical needs for voice and data communication of maritime and offshore professionals globally but despite its power, is a compact, lightweight solution. It provides extensive functionality including full access to bandwidth-hungry IP applications, broadband Internet/Intranet, e-mail, secure VPN, and nine simultaneous voice lines.

Professional & Proven Performance

SAILOR FleetBroadband 500 uses a fully stabilized 3-axis antenna with rate sensors for improved performance and fast, intelligent satellite tracking. It’s built to the world-renowned SAILOR standards, so you benefit from reliable, always available connectivity at all times, regardless of location and conditions.

High-End Connectivity

With high-speed Internet connectivity, running efficiency enhancing custom IP solutions in parallel with email, VPN, and voice calling is all in a day’s work for SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband. It enables tracking and telemetry functionality, so colleagues on shore have all the information they need; real-time engine data for maintenance, drilling data for improving production or position data for fleet tracking and management.

Simple and Secure Installation

SAILOR FleetBroadband 500 is easy to deploy and getting connected is a straightforward, cost-effective process. The system is delivered with everything you need to get started in the box and because it is based on standard IP services and features a clear user interface, connecting your computer, corporate network, external sensors, or phone system is simple and secure.

Multiple Voice Lines

With up to nine simultaneous voice lines possible using Inmarsat Multi-voice, an important part of the SAILOR Fleet Broadband 500 solution is the Thrane IP Handset. This advanced plug-and-play handset provides an intuitive user interface through a 2.2” TFT color screen and features cutting-edge technology, such as a state-of-the-art echo cancellation and noise suppression software, for excellent audio clarity.


Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 35 x 35 x 32 in
Primary Features IP connection for e-mail & Internet/Intranet access with a secure VPN
Voice and data simultaneously
Small size hardware
Device Dimensions Above Deck Unit 796mm (31.34 inches) x 687mm (27.05 inches)
Below Deck Unit 273mm (10.75 inches) x 265mm (10.43 inches) x 43mm (1.69 inches)
Standard IP Up to 432 kbps
Streaming IP 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 kbps
ISDN Data 64 kbps
Fax G4 via UDI, G3 fax via 3.1kHz Audio
SMS 160 characters
Standard Voice 4kbps
Premium Voice 3.1kHz Audio, 64kbps
Multi-Voice 9 voice lines simultaneously
Ethernet/PoE 4 ports
Phone/Fax (2-wire) 2 ports
ISDN 1 port (data/3.1kHz Audio)
Status LED Full status LED panel
Router Integral DHCP/NAT router
Ambient Temperature -25°C (-13°F) to +55°C (131°F)
  • Broadband Data up to 432kbps
  • Streaming IP up to 256kbps
  • Multiple Voice Lines – up to 9
  • Voicemail, caller identification, caller barring, and call forwarding
  • Pre and post-paid options for crew calling
  • GSM Voice Calling
  • Easy Installation with small and light antenna
  • 505 Emergency Calling
  • SMS up to 160 characters
  • Supports Group 3 and Group 4 fax
  • Below Deck Unit with LAN interface and IP Handset
  • Supports email, Internet/Intranet access, real-time electronic charts and weather reporting
  • Global Coverage except the extreme polar regions
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