Cobham SAILOR IP Handset TT-3670A
Terminal Handset

Cobham SAILOR IP Handset TT-3670A

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Cobham SAILOR IP Handset TT-3670A

The Cobham SAILOR IP Handset TT-3670A is made with flexibility in mind. It even uses a standard Ethernet cable to power the device, which gives you more options with where to put it since there is no need for a power supply taking up more space. The handset offers a voice solution of the highest quality, effectively completing your maritime communications solution. The IP Handset is used for making phone calls over an IP based network. When used with a BGAN terminal, the communication is only IP based between the handset and the BGAN terminal. From the BGAN terminal, the call is transmitted as a normal circuit-switched call. The handset is designed specifically for use in harsh environments and it is dust proof and splash proof. Excellent sound quality is achieved by including a state-of-the-art echo canceler and noise suppression software. On the large 2.2″ color TFT screen, a graphical user interface provides easy access to all functions including contacts and settings. The user interface also provides direct access to certain features of a connected BGAN terminal. The handset is based on a 260 MHz processor running Windows CE 6.0.

*Works with Cobham Fleet One and Fleet Broadband Below Deck Units.

Improving Your Voice Solution

The Cobham SAILOR IP Handset TT-3670A is capable of transforming your existing SAILOR FleetBroadband systems into a multi-voice solution! With the SAILOR Fleet Broadband systems you can add multiple Cobham SAILOR IP Handsets to your setup so you can effectively turn your ship into a global communications powerhouse. It's also rugged, has a color screen, and echo cancellation which ensures good, clear voice quality.

Quality of Cobham

Cobham is a leading global technology and services innovator, respected for providing solutions to the greatest challenges; from deep space to the depths of the ocean. Their ethos is rooted firmly in their history of innovation, leadership and empowerment, and they take great pride in solving the big problems that others cannot. If it can be done you can be sure that Cobham will find a way.


Primary Features Easy to use
Intuitive user interface
Excellent audio clarity with noise suppression and echo cancelling
Protection Splash proof
Dust proof
Device Dimensions 152mm (5.98 inches) x 55mm (2.17 inches) x 26.5mm (1.04 inches)
Device Weight 175g (6.17 ounces)
  • IP Handset makes calls over an IP based network
  • Handset conects to the unit wirelessly
  • State-of-the-art echo canceller & noise suppression software provide excellent sound quality
  • Handset is based on a 260MHz processor running Windows CE 6.0
  • Voice communication over Internet or IP
  • Contacts list with up to 100 entries
  • Intuitive user interface and menu system
  • Built-in web interface
  • High quality color display QVGA
  • Rugged but elegant design
  • Connectivity to Broadband Global Area Network
  • Dedicated menu for BGAN terminals