Dual Iridium/GPS Antenna SAF4070-IG
Iridium/GPS Antenna

Dual Iridium/GPS Antenna SAF4070-IG

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Dual Iridium/GPS Antenna SAF4070-IG

Build Time: 4-6 Weeks

Active L1 GPS Antenna | Model # SAF4070-IG-SS | Iridium/GPS Antenna

The SAF4070-IG is a low-profile dual Iridium/GPS antenna designed to operate with the NAL Research’s A3LA and 9601 satellite modems and trackers. It provides continuous coverage from 1610.0 to 1626.5 MHz specifically for the Iridium network and 1575.42±13 MHz (L1) for the GPS. The Model SAF4070-IG is suitable for harsh environments and long term operations. It is also impact, UV, chemical, and jet fuel resistant.

  Dimensions: 5.03" L x 2.08" W x 0.69" H
  Weight: 8.0 oz
  Color: White/Black/Green/Gray
  Connector: TNC Female and SMA Female
  Ground Plane: Minimum of 2" from all edges
  Operating Temp: –67°F to +185°F
  Operating Altitude: 70,000 feet
  Vibration: > 30 G's
  Frequency (Iridium): 1616 to 1626.5 MHz
  Axial Ratio (Iridium): > 2 dB
  VSWR (Iridium): Less than 1.5 : 1
  Frequency (GPS): > 1575.42±13 MHz (L1)
  LNA Gain (GPS): 30 dB
  Voltage/Current: +2.8 to +28VDC/30 to 50mA