Eversweet Handheld Travel Waterer

Eversweet Handheld Travel Waterer

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Eversweet Handheld Travel Waterer

With one hand you can quench your dog’s thirst and with the other you can pet their head. This simple little device can help keep your best friend hydrated. The Eversweet Handheld Travel Waterer is a convenient little device that every dog will love while they are right by your side!


The drinking trough and the water container for the EverSweet Waterer is designed to require one simple press for water to flow out smoothly. This design ensures a hassle-free drink for your dog. Dogs usually drink water by curling their tongues, just like a spoon to get as much water as they can. The arc-shaped water trough fits their drinking habits, making it easier for them to drink. With a tight seal and safety lock, it’s designed to fit into your bag and the cup holder in the car. The depth of the water trough can prevent water from spilling. The activated carbon filter can remove impurities and reduce the chlorine from tap water or cooled boiled water. The replaceable carbon filter is equal to 100 single-serve water bottles, which is more economical and environmentally friendly. BioCleanAct coating continuously inhibits bacteria growth in the open drinking trough keeping the product itself from becoming tainted.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 11 x 3 in