Furuno 1715 Maritime Radar System
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Furuno 1715 Maritime Radar System

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Furuno 1715 Maritime Radar System

The Furuno 1715 Maritime Radar System presents crisp Radar echoes in four shades of gray on the 7″ Silver Bright LCD. The Radar offers detailed pictures of coastline and targets at short ranges thanks to narrower pulse lengths and dual IF bandwidths. The antenna rotation speed automatically changes depending on the range selection for optimum target detection. The compact, waterproof display allows tabletop or panel mounting in the cockpit or on the open fly bridge. This radar system brings convenience to your navigation system and will help keep you safe at sea. Also, since it is from Furuno you can expect it to perform as expected.

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Nav Data Repeater Function

With the use of nav data inputs in NMEA 0183 format, the radar offers additional functions. Graphical and numeric waypoint information such as Range, Bearing and XTE can be shown on the display. The waypoint is indicated by a lollipop mark for easy identification on the radar display. In the TLL output function, you can use the cursor to output a specified target’s L/L to the optional GPS navigator as a mark.

The radar has a power saving Watchman mode. In this mode, the antenna is stopped and the transmission is off, while the screen displays nav data only. The radar wakes up at a specified time interval (5, 10 or 20 min) and operates for a minute. If a target enters the Guard Zone, an audible alarm sounds and the radar goes into its normal operating mode, canceling the Watchman mode. The alarm may also be set to work for a target leaving the Zone.


Big Radar Features in a Compact Display

Other standard features include EBL (Electronic Bearing Line), VRM (Variable Range Marker), TLL output (Target L/L), Cursor L/L readout, Echo Trail, Guard Zone Alarm, Anti Clutter Rain, Automatic control of tuning and sensitivity. The A/C RAIN control improves the target detection in the rain by the elaborate design of the receiver.

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 32 x 22 in
Antenna Size: 18 inches
Band: X-Band
Display Type: Mono LCD
Power Usage: 12-24 VDC
Range: 24 nm
Antenna Type: Radome
Display Size: 7 inches
Beam Width: 5.2 degrees
Power Output: 2.2 kW
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