Globalstar GIK-1700 Hands-Free Kit
Hands-Free Kit

Globalstar GIK-1700 Hands-Free Kit

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Globalstar GIK-1700 Hands-Free Kit

The GIK-1700 provides in vehicle or vessel operation of the Globalstar GSP-1700 Satellite Phone. The Globalstar Installation Kit offers flexibility and additional hands-free usability to those who frequently travel in areas where cellular coverage is unavailable. The GSP-1700, sold separately, easily clips into the installation kit housing allowing for hands-free convenience. Use only Globalstar approved accessories with Globalstar phones. Use of any other accessories will invalidate the phone warranty and may be dangerous. All specifications subject to change without notice.

Electrical Requirement
  • 12 VDC nominal input voltage

RF Power Output
  • 0.794 watts maximum (+29.0 dBm)

Dimensions (Cradle)
  • 16.92 cm H x 7.33 cm W x 5.79 cm D

  • Globalstar Satellite Mode (CDMA)
  • A convenient and safe way to make calls from your vehicle or vessel
  • GIK-1700 charges the GSP-1700's battery when the handset is connected to the GIK-1700
  • Utilize data functionality with the GSP-1700 connected to the GIK-1700 and with the GDK-1700 data cable (sold separately) while recharging the handset battery
  • Easily access the audio output jack to use with your favorite headset or add a Bluetooth adaptor for wireless freedom

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