Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite HotSpot
Globalstar Hotspot

Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite HotSpot

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Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite HotSpot


With the Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite HotSpot, you use your smartphone or other Wi-Fi enabled devices to send and receive calls, email, and SMS text messages over the newest, most modern satellite network. No matter if you are on land or at sea up to eight Sat-Fi users have the ability to maintain reliable connectivity where other communication mediums are not available or just out of reach. Experience the industry’s best voice quality and the fastest data speeds, all at an affordable price. Sat-Fi is ideal for users working or traveling beyond the range of cellular industries such as energy/oil & gas, commercial/recreational marine, emergency management, construction natural resources, and transportation.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 12 in
Power Supply 12 VDC
Max Power Input 14W
Operating Environment -22F to +140F (-30C to +60C)
Signaling SIP
DTMF Format RFC2833
# Voice Channels 1
Audio Codes G.711u
Frequency/Power 2.4 GHz/100 mW Max Transmit
Standards 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi Range Up to 100ft
  • Crystal-clear voice quality
  • Productive with the industry’s fastest data speeds, allowing you to send more in less time, therefore saving airtime costs
  • Efficient with up to 8 users using their existing devices to share one Sat-Fi connection
  • Economical with the most affordable airtime plans
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