Globalstar STINGR Integrated GPS Receiver
Satellite Tracking

Globalstar STINGR Integrated GPS Receiver

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Globalstar STINGR Integrated GPS Receiver

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Globalstar has introduced a complete tracking solution in a single module which dramatically reduces the design effort required to help customers build compact and efficient satellite communications devices. Using the Globalstar Simplex data network, the STINGR allows information to be transmitted from areas well beyond the reach of reliable cellular coverage around the globe. The STINGR is a low cost, OEM simplex module which sends one-way data messages via the Globalstar Simplex Network. The module includes a high-performance GPS receiver as well as an on-board dual band antenna which greatly simplifies the effort of integrating satellite communications into a tracking or monitoring device. The STINGR is ideal for delivering remote sensing, tracking, and monitoring applications.

  • 1.77 in x 1.87 in (45.05 mm x 47.37 mm) Overall thickness of the board with antenna is .25 in (6.3 mm)

  • FCC CFR Part 25 Modular Certification
  • Industry Canada
  • CE Tested

  • Operates over the Globalstar Simplex Data Network
  • Integrated Simplex and GPS antenna
  • Simple battery-powered operation from single 3.0 to 5.5 volt supply
  • Enhanced STX3 command set
  • Autonomous tracking modes built in
  • Increases reliability through multiple transmissions
  • Global coverage
  • Low power consumption
  • Low-profile surface mount design
  • Versatile use: module can be integrated for use in a wide range of applications including liquid petroleum gas (LPG) tanks, water tanks, pipelines, electricity, meters, cars, trucks, boats and sea or land containers

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