Goal Zero Maintainer 10 Trickle Charger
Solar Trickle Charger

Goal Zero Maintainer 10 Trickle Charger

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Goal Zero Maintainer 10 Trickle Charger

Discontinued - Reached End of Life January 15, 2019

The Goal Zero Maintainer 10 Trickle Charger protects against battery drain in the offseason, which can be a real bummer. The Maintainer 10 Trickle Charger is specifically engineered to be an all-in-one solar solution to keep 12V batteries preserved when not in use, like those found in motorcycles, cars, boats, tractors, off-road vehicles, etc. Also included an in-line regulator so you never have to worry about over-charging and discharging. The Maintainer 10 is built to withstand the elements with tempered glass and a durable aluminum frame. Also, since it is made by Goal Zero you can always count on your device to perform when you need it to.

Maintainer 10 Features

  • Easy Installation – Removable suction cups and durable loops for quick attachment. Long-lasting battery connectors
  • Durable, Weatherproof Construction – Tempered glass and aluminum frame to withstand the elements. Highly-efficient monocrystalline panel.
  • Maintenance-Free Trickle Charger – Built-in solar panel for complete plug-and-play battery protection. In-line charge controller never over-charges.
  • Kit Includes – 10W Solar Panel with Built-in Trickle Charger, SAE Connector, Alligator Clamp Connector, 12V Car Port Connector, and 4 Suction Cups.


Maintainer 10 Charging

How the Maintainer 10 Trickle Charger Works

This plug-and-play solar trickle charger prevents the natural battery drain in 12V lead-acid batteries found in motorcycles, cars, boats, recreational vehicles, tractors, etc. This natural drain tends to happen when 12V batteries are left unused during an off-season. Lead acid batteries last longer when kept fully charged at all times, even when not in use. Also includes a built-in charger regulator to avoid over-charging and reverse discharging.

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What type of batteries can I use?
The Maintainer can be used on any rechargeable 12V lead acid battery and is designed to provide a trickle charge over time.

How do I know if the Maintainer is charging my battery?
The Maintainer’s junction box has a light that will illuminate when the solar panel is working. For the best results position the solar panel so it receives as much full, bright sunlight as possible.

How does the Maintainer attach?
The Maintainer can attach to a vehicle’s window with the included suction cups, or can be tethered to a vehicle with the built-in loops.

How do I connect the Maintainer to my battery?
There are three different connectors included depending on you situation – an SAE connector commonly used on motorcycle batteries, alligator clips to attach to typical 12V battery posts, and a 12V connector to charge a battery through the 12V car port. Plug the appropriate connector into the Maintainer’s cable and then attach it to the battery.

Can I start or drive my vehicle while the Maintainer is connected to the battery?
Yes, it is safe to operate a vehicle with the Maintainer attached. If you are using the suction cups on a windshield, make sure the Maintainer is not a distraction in your field of vision.

Can I extend the connection?
Yes, 6mm extensions cables are available on this website. Although you can extend the cable, keep in mind a longer connection will decrease the efficiency of the Maintainer.

Do I need a charge controller?
No, the Maintainer has an in-line charge controller to ensure you’ll never over-charge your battery. This built-in protection makes the Maintainer an easy, plug-and-play solution to keep your batteries healthy when not in use.

Can I use Maintainer outdoors?
Yes, the Maintainer has been designed and engineered to be a durable charging system that can be used outdoors in any weather.

How long does it take to charge my battery?
The Maintainer is designed to keep your battery at a healthy charge level when it’s not in use, not to completely charge an empty battery.

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Solar Panel

Rated Power: 10W
Open Circuit Voltage: 18-22V
Cell Type: Monocrystalline


Charge Controller

Built in PWM Lead-Acid controller with 3 charging stages: bulk, absorb, float



Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg)
Dimensions: 16 x 12.25 x 1 in (40.6 x 31.1 x 2.5 cm)



Solar Port (6mm): 14-15V, up to 0.7A (10W max)
Goal Zero Maintainer 10 User Guide
User Guide