Goal Zero Nomad 100 Solar Panel
Solar Panel

Goal Zero Nomad 100 Solar Panel

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Nomad 100 Solar Panel

Portable, rugged, and powerful. Designed for mobile basecamps and die-hard adventurers a standard MC4 connector for third-party charge controllers and built-in charging cable for Sherpa Power Packs and Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station. Can be chained with other solar panels to collect more power from the sun. The Nomad 100 paired with the Yeti 400 or Yeti 1250 gives you the ultimate solar power kit. Charge the Yeti 400 in about 8 hours and the Yeti 1250 in about 24 hours with one Nomad 100 Solar Panel.

Nomad 100 Charging

What Can the Nomad 100 Solar Panel Charge

The solar panel does not hold a charge it produces power when it is exposed to sunlight. You can store the power it produces in a portable power pack. The Nomad can be used to power any Goal Zero Sherpa or Yeti.

What Goal Zero Products Work Best With the Nomad 100

The Nomad can be used to power any Goal Zero Yeti or Sherpa.

Does the Nomad 100 Give a Full 100 Watts

It delivers up to 100 Watts of power, but the angle of the panels and the cloud coverage can impact its performance. Avoid the shade. It will not work indoors so be sure to outside in order for it to operate as expected.

Any Additional Cables Needed

No additional cables are required; simply use the built-in 8mm blue-ringed connector.


Charges the Following

Goal Zero Yeti 150: 3-6 hours
Goal Zero Yeti 400: 8-16 Hours
Goal Zero Yeti 1250: 24-48 Hours



Solar Port (blue, 8mm, male): 14-22V, up to 8A (100W max)
MC-4 male/female: 14-22V, up to 8A (100 max)


Solar Panel

Rated Power: 100W
Open Circuit Voltage: 18-22V
Short Circuit Current Isc: 8A
Cell Type: Monocrystalline



Weight: 10.2 lbs (4.6 kg)
Dimensions (unfolded): 20.5 x 59.5 x 1 in (52 x 151.1 x 2.54 cm)
Dimensions (folded): 20.5 x 15.5 x 2 in (52 x 39.37 x 5.08 cm)

Does the 100 hold a charge?
No, the panel produces power only when exposed to sunlight. To generate the most power, angle the panel toward the sun. This improves your ability to collect power from the sun. Clouds and windows affect collection efficiency. If you would like to store power, combine the Nomad 100 with a Goal Zero power pack.

Is the 100 waterproof?
It is very weather-resistant and will not be harmed if exposed to rain or snow.

Can I chain multiple solar panels together?
Yes, chaining additional panels is a great way to reduce solar recharge times. Do not chain solar panels in series, as this can result in dangerously high voltages. Always chain solar panels in parallel, for help with safe chaining, call Apollo SatCom customer support at 844-248-0123.

The safest and easiest way to chain Nomad 100 Solar Panels is by using an 8mm to APP Combiner Cable. This plug-and-play method ensures you safely chain solar panels for recharging Goal Zero Portable Power Stations.

NOTE: It is NOT recommend plugging CHAINED Nomad 100 Solar Panels into the Goal Zero Yeti 150, Goal Zero Yeti 400, or Sherpa Power Packs.

Goal Zero Nomad 100 User Guide
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