Goal Zero Yeti Home Integration Kit
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Goal Zero Yeti Home Integration Kit

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Goal Zero Yeti Home Integration Kit

No power? No problem. The Goal Zero Yeti Home Integration Kit is an easy-to-install way to use your Yeti Portable Power Station to keep essential circuits in your home running, even when the power isn't. PLEASE NOTE: Requires installation by a qualified licensed electrician with a thorough knowledge of all applicable electrical and building codes. Only viable with indoor circuit breaker panels. Also must have a Yeti 1000 Portable Power Station or above.

Yeti Home Integration Kit Highlights

The Yeti Home Integration Kit brings the convenience of backup power directly into your home so you do not have to worry if the power goes out.

  • The Home Integration Kit (HIK) is a Reliance Pro/Tran 2 Series 15-Amp, 4-Circuit 120V Manual Transfer Switch - Customize your backup power by working with a licensed electrician and selecting up to 4 circuits from your breaker panel. Suggested circuits include fridge/freezer, garage door, outlets in main living areas, light switches, etc.

  • Yeti Extension Cable includes 10ft 14AWG to connect your Yeti Portable Power Station

Yeti Home Integration Kit


Product SKU: 44060
Made: USA
Weight: 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)
Dimensions: 7.75 x 11.25 x 4.5
Voltage: 120 Single-Phase
Frequency: 60 Hertz
Rated Watts: 1875 Watts
Rated Amps: 15 @ 120 Volts (Single Phase) Amps
Enclosure: NEMA 1R
Conduit Length: 18
Number of Circuit Breakers: 4
Max Generator Input: 15 Amps
Maximum Wattage: 1875 Watts
UL Listed: Yes
15A 120V: 4
Circuit Breaker Protection: 12V, up to 10A (120W max)
Requires: Goal Zero Portable Power Station, Yeti 1000 and above

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