HawkEye 6300 GSM Maritime Tracker
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HawkEye 6300 GSM Maritime Tracker

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HawkEye 6300 GSM Maritime Tracker

Blue Sky Network’s newest standalone GPS tracker, the HawkEye 6300, enables live ship tracking from anywhere in the world. The easy-to-install boat tracking device comes with various mounting options for both covert and non-covert operations. With the associated app, the HawkEye 6300 also lets you send and receive short emails and SMS messages via Bluetooth from any Android or iOS device. Whether you’re operating a fishing fleet, shipping goods across oceans, or enforcing maritime law, the HawkEye 6300 is the ideal marine tracking device.


Stay in constant contact with your fleet, in more ways than one.  The HawkEye 6300 features dual-mode transmission—via the Iridium satellite and GSM networks—for two-way SATCOM or cellular communications. Combined with our industry-leading fleet management portal, SkyRouter, vessel operators can receive remote updates on key parameters such as tracking frequency, geofencing breaches, and exclusive economic zones. Real-time ship tracking is at your fingertips with pole-to-pole, 100 percent global coverage.


Operate longer at sea without having to rely on the ship’s power. The HawkEye 6300 uses a 9-30v DC power supply with an internal battery backup allowing up to two weeks of unpowered operation. A solar power charger is also available.


Manage your entire fleet ubiquitously from one interface. The HawkEye 6300 also provides a pass-through interface for connecting third-party equipment and other optional integrations, allowing for more centralized, live vessel tracking.


  • Autonomous GPS tracking
  • Various overlays including satellite AIS, weather, and oceanographic data
  • Dual-mode transmission via Iridium satellite and GSM networks
  • Catch reporting and analysis
  • 100 percent global coverage via Iridium satellite network
  • Remote updates on key parameters via SkyRouter
  • SATCOM-enabled devices with serial integration add-on
  • Internal battery backup


  • Always know where your fleet is from anywhere in the world
  • Maintain communication with operation managers and family ashore
  • Switch between satellite and cellular communications for constant connectivity
  • Monitor fuel and routes for more efficient and cost-effective operations
  • Receive alerts when your vessel enters restricted areas
  • Operate longer without using your ship’s power
  • Easy installation
  • 120 mm diameter x 50 mm high
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 60° C/-22 to 140° F
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 85° C/-40 to 185° F
  • Sealed against dust and water ingression to IP68
  • Communications: Iridium modem 9602 short burst transceiver/Iridium antenna Maxtena 1621 patch antenna
  • Various mounting options (please ask)
  • Input voltage: DC (9-30v)
  • Power consumption: 500mA max/very low current sleep mode (< 30mA)