Icom M605 VHF Marine Transceiver
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Icom M605 VHF Marine Transceiver

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Icom M605 VHF Marine Transceiver

The Icom M605 is not just a radio. It’s a system that allows the user choices on how to set up the radio with up to three stations. Boaters can now add an exclusive complete display as another station on the vessel along with two COMMANDMICS. Customers will appreciate the radios large bright display that includes night mode to view easily in the dark. The best just got better!

Configuration Flexibility

The M605 gives the user flexibility in setting up their radio system on their boat. Remotely control up to three controllers using all the M605 functions with the HM-195 series COMMANDMIC™ and/or the RC-M600 Command Head. Either option can be used as an intercom between the radio and the unit as well.

Large Color Display

Bring on the color. The M605’s large 4.3" color TFT LCD display provides nearly a 180 degree viewing angle. The high resolution characters and function icons along with the directional keypad and soft keys provide an intuitive user interface. The night mode screen provides comfortable operation in the dark. Most used functions are assigned to soft keys (at the bottom of the display) for quick one push function access. The large ten-key pad enables users to smoothly enter channel numbers, MMSI numbers with ID names and much more.

Integrated AIS* Receiver

Using NMEA 2000™ connectivity, the radio can exchange GNSS, AIS reports, DSC call information data, radio frequency, and PGN list data on the network. NMEA 0183/-HS GNSS position data can also be converted to NMEA 2000™ data for other equipment.

NMEA 2000™ and NMEA 0183 Connectivity

The M605 with the integrated AIS receiver can show AIS vessel traffic information on the display. The AIS combo screen enables you to monitor the AIS plotter during basic operation. The M605 also allows the user to directly call a selected AIS target from the AIS screen using an individual DSC all.


  • Active noise cancelling
  • Last call voice recording saves the last two minutes of the last incoming call or start recording manually
  • Integrated GNSS receiver
  • Class D DSC
  • Weather & alert channels
  • AquaQuake® draining function
  • Instant access to channel 16 and channel 09 call channel

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications

Icom M605 VHF Marine Transceiver

Applicable IP Rating

Icom M605 VHF Marine Transceiver


Frequency Range TX: 156.025–161.600 MHz
RX: 156.025–162.000 MHz
CH70: 156.525 MHz
AIS1, 2: 161.975, 162.025 MHz
Usable channels USA, CAN, INT, WX channels
Type of emission 16K0G3E (FM), 16K0G2B (DSC)
Power supply requirement 13.8 V DC (11.7–15.9 V DC)
Current drain Tx (at 25W output): 6.0 A
Rx (Maximum audio): 8.0 A
Operating temperature range –20°C to +60°C; –4°F to +140°F
Antenna Impedance 50Ω (SO-239)
Weight (approximately) 1510 g; 3.3 lb


Output power (at 13.8 V DC) 25W, 1W
Max. frequency deviation ±5 kHz
Frequency tolerance ±5 ppm
Spurious emissions Less than –70 dBc (at 25 W)
Adjacent channel power More than 70dB
Residual modulation More than 40dB


Intermediate frequency
30.15MHz, 450kHz (1st/2nd)
21.70 MHz, 450 kHz (1st/2nd)
Sensitivity 12dB SINAD
CH70 (1% BER)
0.22 μV typical
0.71 μV emf typical
Adjacent channel selectivity
CH70 (1% BER)
More than 80dB
More than 80 dBμ emf
Spurious response
CH70 (1% BER)
More than 77dB
More than 73dBμ emf
CH70 (1% BER)
More than 80dB
More than 73dBμ emf
Hum and noise ratio More than 40dB
Audio output power
External speaker
(at 10% distortion)
More than 15W with a 4Ω
  • M-605 Radio
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Microphone
  • Microphone hanger and screws
  • GPS Antenna
  • DC Power Cable
  • Accessory Connectors

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