Intellian s6HD Satellite TV Intell-s6HD
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Intellian s6HD Satellite TV Intell-s6HD

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Intellian s6HD Satellite TV Intell-s6HD

The Intellian s6HD Satellite TV Intell-s6HD is a complete all-in-one satellite TV solution that enables boaters to enjoy high-definition TV channels just like at home. The antenna’s stylish polished radome design makes it a perfect fit for boats over 45 feet; see more for less, with the Intellian s6HD Satellite TV Intell-s6HD.

Intellian s6HD Satellite TV Intell-s6HD Highlights

  • Track all 3 DirecTV Satellites at once
  • Experience DirecTV just like home: updated channel guide and seamless channel changing
  • Built-in HD module for Ka-band DirecTV channels
  • Simplicity of design, no external compass or rate sensors required
  • Watch HD TV onboard, underway or at anchor
  • Built-in Wifi enables one-touch diagnostic and updates from your PC or iOS device
  • Smaller size with better performance
  • 60° per second turn rate ensures signal lock at high speeds or in rough seas


DirecTV HD

Because DirecTV offers so many different channels, their service is simultaneously broadcast from three separate satellites. The Intellian s6HD processes all three signals at once, delivering the complete DirecTV HD experience right aboard your boat. Multiple TVs onboard can tune to any program independent of what other sets might be watching, which means no more debating over Cartoons vs. Sports. Additionally, tracking three satellites at once keeps the channel guide up to date and enables use of your DVR.

Performance Delivered

The Intellian s6HD incorporates Intellian’s proprietary iQ² Technology, which guarantees boaters the fastest signal acquisition and most rock-solid TV reception in all sea conditions. Unlike conventional systems, the s6HD is lightweight has a wide elevation angle (5°-90°) and boasts a next-generation alignment control system that delivers seamless, uninterrupted satellite reception for boaters traveling throughout US waters.

With its Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM) the Intellian s6HD enables up to 16 receivers to view all DirecTV channels, with the possibility to upgrade to 32 SWM receivers.



Intellian s6HD Features

Fully Automated System

  • Automatic Satellite Search and Identification Function
  • 2-axis Stabilization provides high-speed tracking

Enhanced Antenna for dual bands

  • Dual Ku and Ka-band feed with automatic alignment to maintain the best quality picture
  • Highly efficient parabolic antenna enables reception at 47dBW minimum EIRP

iQ² Quick&Quiet℠ Technology

  • iQ² Technology allows you to tune in quickly, maintain a solid signal lock, and enjoy your favorite TV programming in quiet comfort
  • The Wide Range Search (WRS) Algorithm delivers the fastest signal acquisition available anywhere
  • Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technology uses intelligent, real-time beam analysis to ensure superior signal tracking while eliminating intrusive background noise experienced with conventional antennas

Fully Automated Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-S2) Network Identification

  • DVB Decoder with LDPC enables high-speed Network Identification

Wi-Fi Enabled Antenna Control Unit

  • Wireless updates and diagnostics via the Aptus PC
  • Intuitive controls and digital satellite information display on the ACU
  • Simple antenna status quick reference

Built-in GPS and NMEA 0183 Interface

  • The s6HD includes a built-in GPS inside of the antenna unit for faster signal acquisition
  • The ship’s GPS can also be connected through the NMEA 0183 port on the rear panel of the ACU

Lightest HD Antenna Available

  • Antenna weighs less than 22 kg (48 lbs)
  • 60cm (24 in) antenna reflector diameter

Three Year Global Warranty

  • Industry leading 3-year parts and workmanship guarantee with a 2-year labor warranty for all antenna systems, ensuring peace of mind with your hardware investment
  • The new warranty policy (3-year parts and 2-year labor) is only valid for products purchased after 1st, January 2017


Product Models

B4-639HD s6HD DirectTV HDTV Multi-Feed Antenna System


Radome Height 72 cm (28.3 inch)
Radome Diameter 70 cm (27.5 inch)
Reflector Diameter 61 cm (24 inch)
Weight 21.6 kg (47.8 lbs)


Operating Temp. Range -25°C ~ 55°C (-13°F ~ 131°F)
Storage Temp. Range -40°C ~ 80°C (-40°F ~ 176°F)
Water Ingress IPX6
Approvals CE / FCC
Warranty 3 Years Parts and 2 Year Labor


Reception Frequency Ka-band : 18 ~ 22 GHz, Ku-band :10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
Minimum EIRP 47 dBW
Azimuth Range 680°
Elevation Range 5° ~ 90°
Ship's Motion Roll ±25°, Pitch ±15°
Roll & Pitch Response Rate 45° / sec
Turn Rate 45° / sec
RF Output Quad Output

Antenna Control Unit

Dimensions (W × D × H) 17.8cm × 21.7cm × 5.4 cm (7.0 inch × 8.5 inch × 2.1 inch)
Weight 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
Display 2 line 20 character VFD module
Control Key 5 Integrated Push Buttons
Power Output 9.0~30.0V DC (Typ. 30W, max 50W)
GPS Interface Built-In (NMEA 0183 GPS)

Intellian s6HD Diagram-Dimensions

Intellian s6HD - Advanced Diagram

All Satellite Systems include the following parts as standard

  • Antenna & Radome 60 cm (23.6 inches); Reflector & Dual Ka - Ku-Band LNB
  • ACU (Antenna Control Unit)
  • PC Controller Program (Software CD included)
  • Installation & Operation Manual
  • Installation Template
  • Quick Installation Guide

Installation Kit

  • ACU Table Mounting Bracket × 2EA
  • 15 m (49 ft) × 2EA Antenna-ACU RG6 Coaxial Cable
  • 3 m (10 ft) × 2EA ACU-IRD RG6 Coaxial Cable
  • 10 m (33 ft) × 1EA Power Cable
  • 1.8 m (6 ft) × 1EA PC Serial Cable
  • SWM Power Supply; 1EA
  • 1.8 m (6 ft) × 2EA SWM 8-Way Splitter
  • Connectors & Screws


Antenna Dish Size 61 cm (24 inch) 83 cm (32.7 inch) 109 cm (42.9 inch)
Radome Dimension(WxH) 70x72 cm (27.5x28.3 inch) 113x120.5 cm (44.5x47.4 inch) 138x151.4 cm (54.33x59.64 inch)
Antenna Weight 21.6 kg (47.8 lbs) 86.2 kg (190lbs) 100 kg (220 lbs)
Minimum EIRP 47 dBW 43 dBW 42 dBW
Automatic Skew Control Yes Yes Yes
Antenna Control Unit Yes Yes Yes
Built-in HDTV Module Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Trisat Function Yes Yes Yes
Built-in GPS System Yes Yes Yes
GPS Interface Yes Yes Yes