Iridium GO Fixed Installation Kit WINSTKT1601

Iridium GO Fixed Installation Kit WINSTKT1601

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Iridium GO Fixed Installation Kit WINSTKT1601

The Iridium GO! Fixed Installation Kit WINSTKT1601 enables you to enjoy convenient connectivity wherever your travels take you. From the seashore and across oceans, this kit boosts signal strength for a fast connection that's reliable in any location. Offering stability with our global coverage no matter where it may be needed most - pole-to-pole or on land/ocean alike – now there are even more ways than ever before just how easy connecting can become when using one simple device like an Iridium GO Hotspot.

The Iridium GO! Fixed Installation Kit is the perfect way to extend the capabilities of your Iridium GO! device. This easy-to-install kit enables smooth land and marine connectivity, making it the perfect accessory for any application. With affordable accessories designed specifically for both environments, the Fixed Installation Kit gives you greater versatility and value than ever before. So don't go another day without the power of Iridium GO!

Convenience Engineered for Multiple Markets

Iridium GO Fixed Installation Kit WINSTKT1601 - Apollo Satellite

• Remote property owners • Remote residents • Vacationers off the grid • NGO's • Simply anyone our of cellular rage

With the Iridium GO Fixed Installation Kit you're never far from your phone. The Iridium GO Hotspot a small, lightweight device that is easy to bring anywhere - even on vacation with all of its compatibility options for different types and environments that are sure not leave anyone out in this day-and-age where everyone needs access but few have it yet alone any means by which they can afford such luxuries as mobile phones or internet service providers who often times charge an arm plus leg just so someone has some sorta minimal amount before being forced back into reality without having done anything productive whatsoever other than standing around waiting

Iridium GO Fixed Installation Kit WINSTKT1601 - Apollo Satellite

• Leisure motor • Leisure Sail • Recreational • Small Fishing • Anyone off the grid

The Iridium GO! Fixed Installation Kit is a great way to stay connected while out on the water. Connecting an external antenna will allow you access all of your favorite apps and services, including weather updates so that no matter what happens at sea or where in this world we find ourselves living life as Mariners; there’s never been an easier time for staying informed about changing conditions before they happen!

Now, a wide variety of mariners can stay connected from within the protected areas of their vessels by using the external antenna. Crew can access the latest weather reports to stay up-to-date on changing conditions. Users on land and at sea can connect via voice, text, email, and social media to stay in touch with their office, family, and friends; all without leaving the comfort of their cabin.


Iridium GO Satellite Hotspot Service Plans - Apollo Satellite

If you're looking for a way to get even more out of your Iridium GO! device, look no further than the Fixed Installation Kit. This valuable add-on transforms your communications, making them smoother and more versatile both on land and at sea.
The kit is easy to install, and provides affordable accessories designed specifically for marine and land applications. So whether you're out on the open water or stuck in a boardroom meeting, the Fixed Installation Kit will help you stay connected no matter where life takes you.

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in
Network Iridium Satellite
Band L-Band
Compatible With Iridium GO Satellite Hotspot 9560
What's In The Kit
  • Iridium Passive Omnidirectional Antenna
  • Mast/Rail Mount 1”-14NF
  • Wall Mount Bracket
  • 12m/39ft Passive Antenna Cable
  • Iridium GO! Cable Adapter
  • Stainless Steel Mast/Rail Mounting Bracket Kit
  • RAM® Mount with Threaded Adapter
  • Cable Ties
  • User Installation Guide
Primary Features
  • One Versatile Solution for Two Markets (Marine and Land)
  • Enables Smooth Connectivity Inside and Out
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Designed for Quick and Easy Installation
  • IEC 60945
Technical Specifications & Features
  • Corrosion
  • Vibration
  • Compass Interference
Part #'s
  • WINSTKT1601 - Kit
  • BMGKANT - Iridium Passive Omnidirectional Antenna Kit
  • BMGZKCBL12 - 12m/39ft Passive Antenna Cable
  • BMGKANTBRKT - Stainless Steel Mast/Rail Mounting Bracket Kit
  • BMGKRAM224 - RAM Mount with Threaded Adapter
  • WBKT1301 - Wall Bracket Kit
  • WAAC1301 - Iridium GO Cable Adapter
  • BMGKCBLT - Cable Ties
  • WINSTRKTUG1601 - User Installation Guide
Brands Iridium

The stainless steel mounting bracket kit from the Iridium GO! fixed installation is ideal for allowing remote home owners and vacationers to mount their device on a wall in buildings that have no service.

A variety of mariners can maintain satellite communications offshore. Fishing fleets have access to the latest weather reports and stay up-to date on changing conditions or connect through social media with family & friends back home, remote homeowners use Iridium GO! for day trips anywhere they want without having cell service fail them in an emergency situation while aid workers make phone calls from far away locations using this network so that coordination efforts go more smoothly even if local infrastructure has been compromised.

In addition, this allows individuals who are alone during emergencies time use it as an easy way communicating with others around them via phone calls or text messages so humanitarian efforts can still happen even if there's been some kind of compromise within local infrastructure.

  • One Versatile Solution for Two Markets (Marine and Land)
  • Enables Smooth Connectivity Inside and Out
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Designed for Quick and Easy Installation


Iridium GO! is the best way to stay in touch anywhere. Fishing fleets, remote homeowners and vacationers can connect with family members on land by sending messages or making phone calls from their smartphone during long trips at sea. Lone aid workers will be able make voice transmissions for coordinating humanitarian efforts even if there has been a compromised local infrastructure.