Iridium GO Vehicular Kit WVMTKT2001

Iridium GO Vehicular Kit WVMTKT2001

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Iridium GO Vehicular Kit - WVMTKT2001

The Iridium GO Vehicular Kit allows users to stay connected on the move with a simple and versatile set of accessories, ideal for primary communication and in situations when cellular coverage is weak or unavailable. Pairing the Iridium GO with the vehicular kit enables reliable connectivity for anyone traveling in and out of areas with little or no terrestrial coverage.

Whether you are an avid RV user or off-road adventurer, you can now stay connected to family and friends on your journey through the Iridium GO! Vehicular Kit. Remote homeowners and vacationers can make phone calls, send text messages, share photos, and check weather on the go from the comfort of their vehicles.

The Iridium GO Vehicular Kit is an ideal solution for park rangers and lone workers who need to send work status updates to their teams. Now humanitarian workers have the flexibility to stay connected no matter where work takes them. They can make phone calls, send emails, and share location, all while traversing from one site to another without missing a beat. The ease of activating emergency services makes the kit invaluable for on-the move operations. The kit is also convenient for dispersed NGO teams to stay in touch in remote locations and provide mission updates to each other in a quick and efficient manner.


  • Ideal for primary and complementary communication
  • Easy Installation
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Certified Passive Iridium Antenna for use with the Iridium GO!

What’s in the Kit

  • Iridium Magnetic Mount Antenna with 5m cable and TNC-M Connector
  • RAM Suction Mounting Kit with Threaded Adapter
  • Iridium GO! Wall Bracket Kit
  • Iridium GO! Cable Adapter
  • RAM Round Plate with Ball (2.5” Diameter)
  • - 1 x RAM-B-202U
  • - 2 x M4X16 Screws
  • - 2 x M4 Nut hex nylon
  • Cable Ties
  • User Installation Guide

Iridium GO Installation Guide
Installation Guide