Isatphone North America 60 Monthly Plan
IsatPhone Service Plan

Isatphone North America 60 Monthly Plan

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Inmarsat IsatPhone Satellite Phone North America Service Plan Details

Inmarsat IsatPhone North America 60 Monthly Plan

The IsatPhone North America 60 Monthly Plan works on Inmarsat’s portable, mobile and fixed voice service that utilize the world’s most advanced satellite communications network – offering clear voice quality and minimal call drop out. Therefore, you can rely on your calls getting through. They all deliver clear voice quality and are quick and easy to deploy. Inmarsat IsatPhone service provides you with essential voice calls and messaging for businesses operating in remote regions around the world for your IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone 2 devices. 

Using the Inmarsat IsatPhone North America 60 Monthly Plan you receive the clear, reliable voice-calling that is at the heart of what the Inmarsat system of global communication satellites provides.  

Relief organizations, journalists, security personnel and government agencies have relied on Inmarsat for decades, making it the go-to network for clear, reliable voice calling from anywhere on the globe. 

Billing Period Contract Period Minutes SMS Additional Usage Add-ons
1 Month  12 Months  60 10 $0.99 / Min, $0.89 / SMS  Unlimited Rollover - $10/month

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 being used

With a 99.9% network availability, your IsatPhone service from Apollo connects you to the Inmarsat network for making and receiving voice calls from anywhere on the planet (except for the extreme northern and southern polar regions). 

Call any landline or mobile phone doesn’t require training. Dialing is simple, set-up is quick, and your connections are reliable with the Inmarsat IsatPhone North America 60 monthly plan. 

The Inmarsat IsatPhone North America 60 Monthly Plan’s expanded set of data capabilities include: text to text, text to email, web-message to Isatphone. And with GPS tracking now an essential component of the Inmarsat IsatPhone North America 60 Monthly Plan, you have reliable options in the field for staying in touch, and communicating how and when you need to, beyond just voice calling. 

The Inmarsat IsatPhone North America 60 Monthly Plan does require a clear line of sight to one of the Inmarsat geostationary equatorial satellites. This typically means that you need an open view of a portion of the sky that faces the equator. 

Apollo Satellite offers accessories for the IsatPhone 2 to help guarantee uninterrupted service such as extra batteries, external antennas and docking stations, which enable you to operate indoors, from a vehicle or marine vessel. Whatever your communication needs are, we can help you find the solution that’s right for you and your team. Contact Apollo 24/7 at +1 (844) 248-0123 

IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone 2

  • In bundle minutes are calls to PSTN, to cellular and voicemail.
  • All other call types charged for on usage basis
  • Out of bundle traffic charges are regular charges
  • The minimum duration for all ISAT Plans is 12 months.
  • Deactivation before the minimum duration will result in an early termination fee of $250
  • Usage will be invoiced or deducted from the allowance in increments of 1 minute
  • The minimum billable unit is 1 minute.
  • Charges are the same on land or sea.
  • On activation, a full month subscription fee will be billed.
  • On deactivation, subscription fee and/or allowance are not pro-rated.
  • If SIM is suspended, a Subscription fee will continue to be charged.
  • 2.4 kbps fax/2.4 kbps Data is available and we recommend you use it with ApolloXMail.


Inmarsat IsatPhone Satellite Phone North America Service Plan Details

IsatPhone North America Monthly Plan Comparison

 Plan Name Billing Period Contract Period Includes Additional Usage Monthly Price
North American Emergency  1 Month  12 Months 15 Voice, 5 SMS $0.99 / Min, $0.99 / SMS  $34.95
North American Keep In Touch  1 Month  12 Months 60 Voice, 10 SMS $0.99 / Min, $0.89 / SMS  $49.95
North American Keep On Talking  1 Month  12 Months 150 Voice, 20 SMS $0.85 / Min, $0.50 / SMS  $79.95
North American Power Plan  1 Month  12 Months 250 Voice, 20 SMS $0.75 / Min, $0.50 / SMS  $124.95

IsatPhone Monthly Calling Rates

Voice Services Per Min
Voice to PSTN *Based On Plan
Voice to Cellular *Based On Plan
Voicemail $0.75
Voice to BGAN/FleetBroadband/SwiftBroadband $0.89
Voice to IsatPhone Pro/SPS $1.25
SMS *Based On Plan
Voice to Inmarsat B(Voice/Fax/2.4 Data) $2.93
Voice to Inmarsat M(Voice/Fax/2.4 Data) $2.64
Voice to Inmarsat Mini M(Voice/Fax/2.4 Data) $2.42
Voice to GAN/Fleet/Swift $2.42
Voice to Inmarsat Aero $3.78
Voice to Iridium $8.23
Voice to Globalstar $6.53
Voice to Thuraya $4.83
Voice to other MSS carriers $5.91
Billing Increment 20 seconds
Minimum Call Duration 20 seconds

Inmarsat IsatPhone Satellite Phone North America Service Plan Details

Inmarsat IsatPhone Quick Guide + FAQ's

Do I have assigned phone number? Can people call and text me?
  • The Isatphone Prepaid service will have an international Inmarsat phone number.
  • The country code is 870.
  • Calling into that number will be very expensive for the caller.
  • We always suggest that anyone trying to contact the satellite phone use the SMS/Text function.
  • The IsatPhone may receive SMS/Text messages from a cell phone, email or a web form, and the Isatphone is not charged to receive the message and has a very low rate for sending a message, so it is very cost effective.

How to turn the IsatPhone 2 On & Off
  1. To turn on the IsatPhone press and hold down the red key until the screen lights up. The Inmarsat logo will appear followed by the main screen. To turn off, press and hold the red key until the screen light turns off.
  2. If prompted to enter a PIN, enter the PIN code. The PIN is originally set by your service provider.
  3. Stand outside and be at the best clear of the sky. No trees or buildings obstructing the view.
  4. Searching satellite will appear on the screen. When your phone is connected to the satellite, the screen will display “Ready for service”.

Calling from your IsatPhone 2
  • To call a landline or cell phone: dial 00 > country code > area code > phone number
    For example: 0014804781999 (USA/Canada country code is 1 - Do not include dashes or spaces)
  • To call a satellite phone to a satellite phone : dial 00 > satellite phone number
    For example: 00870712345678 (Do not include dashes or spaces)

Calling to the IsatPhone 2
  • To call the satellite phone directly from a landline/cell phone : dial 011 > Satellite phone number
    • Example: 011870712345678 (USA/Canada based callers - Do not include dashes or spaces)
  • For international callers: dial 00 > satellite phone number
    • Example: 00870712345678 (Do not include dashes or spaces)

Answering a call on the IsatPhone 2
  • When your phone rings, press the green key. Remember, to receive a call, you must be connected to the satellite with the phone
    antenna pointing upwards.

Using voicemail on an IsatPhone 2
  1. If you have a new voicemail, the voicemail icon will appear in the status bar at the top of the main screen. You can press and hold the
    “1” key for a few seconds. You will then automatically be connected to your voicemail account.
  2. You can also dial the short code 570 and press the green key or the full international number 00 870 772 001 899 or +870 772 001
    899 and press the green key. Follow the spoken instructions.

Creating and sending a text message on an IsatPhone 2
  1. Select “Menu” > “Messaging” > “New Messaging” > “Text Message”. A blank screen will appear.
  2. Compose your message. Enter the recipient’s full international number on the “To:” field. If the number is already stored in your
    Contacts select “Options” > “Add Recipient” and select the name of on the list.
  3. When you have finished adding recipients, select “Options” > “Send”

Creating a text message for sending to an email address
  1. Select “Menu” > “Messaging” > “New Message” > “Email message”
  2. Instead of displaying your name to the recipient, the message will display your details in the following format, From : your phone - Example :

  • To activate Bluetooth connectivity select Menu > Settings > Bluetooth. Select Settings > Bluetooth and select On. The Bluetooth
    icon indicator appears in the status bar.