Inmarsat IsatPhone Prepaid SIM Reload
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Inmarsat IsatPhone Prepaid SIM Reload

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Inmarsat IsatPhone prepaid SIM reload for IsatPhone 2 & Pro satellite phones

Reload and extend your lifeline with a simple, quick reload vouchers for your Inmarsat IsatPhone prepaid SIM, so it will be there when you need it. Reload your IsatPhone Pro or IsatPhone 2 prepaid SIM card and have it active and ready for anything. Access one of the best satellite phone networks in the world without breaking the bank and without making a long-term commitment.

With the exception of the extreme polar regions, your network will cover a global scope that keeps you safe and connected in virtually any scenario. With the convenience and availability of a prepaid SIM, you can get connected today and tackle your next adventure tomorrow. Inmarsat offers global prepaid satellite services for both voice and data via the Inmarsat prepay platform with support for voice calls originating in the US and its territories. Inmarsat IsatPhone Prepaid services are popular with people who work on short term or seasonal projects and prefer not to commit to a contract. 

These Prepaid Airtime SIM vouchers are for the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone 2. They bring added convenience to an already large portfolio of convenient devices, equipment, and services from Inmarsat. Also, since you will be on the Inmarsat Network you will get a good, quality signal but also on a near-global scope since your device will be powered by a worldwide network with the exception of the extreme polar regions.

 Voucher Units Minutes SMS Validity Price
IsatPhone 30 Days 0 0 0 30 Days $45
IsatPhone 50 Units 50 33 83 30 Days $50
IsatPhone 100 Units 100 66 166 90 Days $100
IsatPhone 250 Units 250 166 416 6 Months $250
IsatPhone 500 Units 500 333 833 1 Year $450
IsatPhone 1000 Units 1000 666 1666 1 Year $900
IsatPhone 2500 Units 2500 1666 4166 1 Year $2,000
IsatPhone 5000 Units 5000 3333 8333
1 Year $3,200
IsatPhone SS Africa 30 30 20 50 30 Days $25
IsatPhone SS Africa 50 50 33 83 30 Days $50
IsatPhone SS Africa 100 100 66 166 90 Days $80
IsatPhone Latin America 300 300 200 500 6 Months $225

  •  IsatPhone SIM vouchers can be add to your SIM within 1 year of purchase
  • The expiration of your IsatPhone SIM card begins when the voucher is activated
  • Maximum expiry period per SIM is 3 years
  • Calls are decremented in 20 second increments, text are decremented per message
  • Calls to check voicemail are considered outgoing calls
  • Airtime can be refilled at the then current retail rate of the voucher you choose, prior to expiry. When you refill, your expiry date is automatically extended and you retain your original Inmarsat phone number
  • Use the IsatPhone Extension voucher to extend the expiry date for a small fee without having to refill airtime
Validity 30 Days -> 3 Years
Units 50 -> 5000 Units – From the main screen enter your balance inquiry code, *106# and press the green key. Your current balance and expiry date will be shown on the screen.
Voice / Data Minutes 38 -> 3850 Minutes
Outgoing SMS 100 -> 10,000

10 Degree elevation = minimum recommended for IsatPhone 2.

The coverage map depicts Inmarsat’s expectations of coverage, but does not represent a guarantee of service. The availability of service at the edge of coverage areas fluctuates depending on various conditions.

Can Recharge Airtime?

Yes, at anytime before or after deactivation.

From the main screen enter the top-up code, *101*Voucher Number#. Example: *101*1234567890123456# and press the green key. Your new balance and expiry date will be shown on the screen.

Compatible Equipment IsatPhone Pro & IsatPhone 2
OUTGOING - Landline 1.5 Units
OUTGOING - IsatPhone 1.5 Units
OUTGOING - SMS / Text 0.6 Units / message
OUTGOING - Tracking SMS 0.4 Units / message
OUTGOING - Other Inmarsat 2.9 Units
OUTGOING - Thuraya 5.8 Units
OUTGOING - Other Satellite Networks 8.0 Units

Calculate minutes for the units you purchased on the chart below. Find the service that you are connecting to on the left and divide the total units from the conversion rate to the right and that will show you your total minutes.

*Chart Based On A 100 Unit SIM Card

PSTN Fixed (Landline & US Cellular) 1.5 Units 66 Minutes
Other Cellular 1.5 Units 66 Minutes
FBB / SBB 1.5 Units 66 Minutes
LandPhone / IsatPhone / FleetPhone 1.5 Units 66 Minutes
SMS Outgoing 0.6 Units 166 Minutes
Inmarsat BGAN 1.5 Units 66 Minutes
Inmarsat M v/f/d 2.9 Units 34 Minutes
Inmarsat Mini-M v/f/d 2.9 Units 34 Minutes
Inmarsat GAN / Fleet / Swift 2.9 Units 34 Minutes
Inmarsat AERO 5.6 Units 18 Minutes
Iridium Voice 12.7 Units 8 Minutes
Globalstar Voice 8 Units 12 Minutes
Thuraya Voice 5.8 Units 17 Minutes
Other MSS Carriers 8 Units 12 Minutes