Kymeta KYWAY U7 with iDirect Modem
Satellite Terminal

Kymeta KYWAY U7 with iDirect Modem

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Kymeta KYWAY U7 with iDirect Modem

Kymeta is making connectivity as simple and available as a view of the sky, enabling infinite applications for both fixed and mobile platforms.

Kymeta U7 Terminals

Kymeta offers the first electronically scanning, flat-panel satellite terminal for fixed and mobile platforms. Combined with Kymeta's global, high-bandwidth KĀLO services, they are changing the way the world connects.

Kymeta u7 Ku-band satellite terminal addresses the need for lightweight, low-profile, and high throughput communication systems on-the-move. The Kymeta KYWAY u7 terminal makes connectivity for nearly any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform easier and more reliable than ever before. KĀLO network services from Kymeta can be bundled with Kymeta u7 terminals and purchased in flexible, variable usage packages that utilize familiar and easy-to-understand data plans. The Kymeta u7 satellite terminal with KĀLO service plans deliver an economical, end-to-end, mobile broadband solution.

Revolutionary Mobile Connectivity

  • Robust – Hardened and proven to work in land-mobile and maritime environments
  • Easy – Satellite technician not required for installation, setup, commissioning and provisioning
  • Reliable – Solid-state electronically-steered antenna, no gimbals or motors required
  • Agile – Fast tracking, on-the-move connectivity supports mobile broadband


Key Features

  • Simple power-on startup and auto-acquisition for easy operation; auto-commissioning available for KĀLO service
  • Low-power electronic beam steering for low maintenance and fast, reliable connectivity
  • Over-the-air (OTA) software updates
  • Cloud-based customer portal for support and service management tools with APIs for simple integration
  • Flat-panel for low-profile installation options
  • Flexible mounting solutions for vessels and vehicles
  • Kymeta now has a u7 antenna that supports RX operational frequencies in the upper range of the Ku band (11.85 GHz to 12.75 GHz) supporting customers in ITU Region 3
  • In addition, Kymeta now has a u7 antenna with extended operational temperatures up to +65 °C that supports RX operational frequencies in the Ku-band range of 11.2 GHz to 12.1 GHz
  • The Kymeta u7 terminal can be configured as an all outdoor system (with the exception of the modem) with the power supply and all interconnects mounted on the back of the antenna

Kymeta KYWAY Maritime

Kymeta KYWAY in Commercial Shipping


With Kymeta connectivity, all onboard systems are connected and can be monitored, with live data instantly available. Efficiency throughout the ship is improved, while operational costs are decreased. Crew welfare is enhanced with the same quality connectivity experience at sea as in port.


Always Connected

The high-speed access Kymeta enables provides the ability to monitor remote offshore energy platforms via live video feeds and obtain real time data and analytics that can be used to improve efficiency, control environmental impacts, and enhance safety.

Kymeta KYWAY Offshore Energy


Kymeta KYWAY

No Domes

Kymeta makes connectivity on yachts easy to access, always available, and invisible (or stylishly obvious). Access is omnipresent and easy to use and buy. Owners, captains, and crew experience living-room connectivity on the water. Designers are released from including large, unsightly domes. Mobile connectivity on the water is now a reality.


Low Maintenance

Easy, high speed connectivity from Kymeta means tracking fishing fleets, scheduling crew members, and managing harvests. Industrial fishing operations, captains, and crew have the same quality wireless connectivity experience while at sea as they do when in port. Ship data is always available to both those on the ship and to management.

Kymeta KYWAY Fishing Fleets


Kymeta KYWAY


Light enough to hand carry, simple to set up and easy to use—Kymeta solutions are ideal for pleasure boats. Kymeta's low cost connected solution offers leisure boat manufacturers, OEMs, and captains a simple way to connect on the water.


Kymeta KYWAY Land Fixed

Kymeta KYWAY Remote Energy Industry

Live Video Feeds

From remote offshore platforms to isolated natural gas facilities, connectivity is critical to business and operational success. Monitor facilities and communicate in real time with Kymeta.


Real Time Data and Analytics

Staying connected is essential to the health and safety of renewable energy sites. With Kymeta, companies can obtain real time data and analytics that can be used to improve efficiency, control environmental impacts, and enhance safety.

Kymeta KYWAY Alternative Energy Industry


Kymeta KYWAY in the Construction Industry

Remote Connectivity

Construction sites now have access to reliable wireless connectivity across the work site, between work sites, and with headquarters. Site data is always available to crew members and to management. Efficiency throughout the job site is improved, providing a competitive edge.


Business Continuity

A constant, reliable connection is key for maintaining continuity across multiple locations and IoT data aggregation. Kymeta can provide always-available connectivity—even in remote locations.

Kymeta KYWAY for Business Continuity


Kymeta KYWAY Land Mobile

Kymeta KYWAY on Buses

Keep Passengers Connected

Kymeta keeps luxury coaches, public transit, and school buses connected no matter where they go. Now, you can monitor routes, stops, distance, and more while offering passengers an enhanced connectivity experience.


Secure & Connected

Kymeta u7 satellite terminals provide seamless, invisible communications to VIP and civilian armored vehicles. High-throughput satellite access can be securely hidden between the roof and the headliner of nearly any vehicle.

Kymeta KYWAY in Civilian Armored Vehicles


Kymeta KYWAY for Passenger Rails

Low Maintenance

Kymeta's low-profile, low maintenance connectivity solutions deliver consistent high bandwidth for both train and freight management and passenger Internet access across regions that aren’t serviced by traditional LTE or Wi-Fi networks.


Mobile Living Room

Today’s RV buyer demands that an in-home experience follow them everywhere. With Kymeta, it can. Kymeta enables high-throughput connectivity, allowing RVs to truly extend leisure time.

Kymeta KYWAY For Your Mobile Living Room


Kymeta KYWAY Changing the Trucking Industry


The future of trucking is a connected fleet—or even an autonomous one. With Kymeta, companies can enable the edge data caching, storing, transmitting and receiving that are essential for any smart fleet.


Real Time Data

Getting an essential flow of project data is key to a successful construction project. With Kymeta, companies can obtain real-time data and analytics that can be used for fleet management and logistics.

Kymeta KYWAY in Mining and Construction


Kymeta KYWAY For Government

Kymeta KYWAY in Military Vehicles

Low Profile, Low Power

Kymeta terminals offer incredible versatility and mobility. The ease of operation and network access speed make Kymeta solutions valuable in a range of environment and field operations where deployment and high mobility are critical factors.


Always Connected

With Kymeta, you’ll arrive ready. Whether it’s a remote incident-response or an urban environment where existing infrastructure is compromised, Kymeta gets you connected quickly with minimal configuration.

Kymeta KYWAY Keeping Patrol Ships Connected


Kymeta KYWAY for First Responders

Fast & Reliable

With Kymeta, SATCOM connectivity is readily available when the electrical grid is destroyed and cellular service is unreliable or non-existent, such as in natural disasters, mass casualty events, and rural operations. Kymeta’s solutions give users access to reliable, modern SATCOM connectivity they’ve never had before.


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