Kymeta u8 Terminal
Satellite Terminal

Kymeta u8 Terminal

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  • Category: Antennas, Satellite Terminals
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Kymeta u8 Terminal

With embedded satellite and cellular capabilities, the u8 terminal is a complete connectivity solution for on-the-go communications when and where you need it. Redesigned with our revolutionary software-defined, electronic beam steering technology, the u8 terminal is low profile, mounting easily on vehicles and vessels.

Kymeta u8 Antenna

Leveraging Kymeta’s revolutionary metamaterials-based technology, the u8 antenna has been re-engineered for increased antenna performance and adaptability for greater flexibility to address customers’ needs.

Kymeta u8 GO

With a re-usable shipping case, the Kymeta u8 GO provides the fastest out-of-the-box communication anywhere. Just unbox, add power, and go.