PTA12-100 Airborne Cockpit Telephone Dialer
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PTA12-100 Airborne Cockpit Telephone Dialer

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PTA12-100 Airborne Cockpit Telephone Dialer - Includes Installation Kit

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The PTA12-100 Dialer/Adapter is a compact Dzus mounted telephone interface with a full function Touchtone keypad, 16 digit LED display, and integral ‘phone book’ capable of storing 16 numbers.

Utilizing the 2 wire POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) interface from the telephone, the PTA12-100 provides complete telecom control and standard DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) dialing capabilities. The interface allows the flight crew to access the telephone system through the aircraft’s audio panel maintaining full headset operation.

A handset can also be used in parallel with the PTA12-100 to provide satcom system access for the cabin. The PTA12-100 can be used with many of today’s airborne telephone systems including Globalstar™, Iridium, Inmarsat, and airborne cellular.

Designed to be installation flexible, the PTA12- 100 features several field adjustable settings such as mic, sidetone, DTMF and ringer output levels. Built to NAT’s usual high standards, the PTA12-100 has a solid chassis design with an aluminum bezel and utilizes surface mount technology. The backlighting is LED for high reliability and can be adjusted to match the lighting range of the aircraft’s other avionics controls.

Provides On/Off Hook function. A green LED illuminates to indicate an Off Hook condition. The LED also flashes to indicate an incoming call.

Mutes the mic and phones audio to allow the pilots to converse without being overheard on the telephone. A green LED illuminates to indicate that this function is engaged.

Last Number Redial
Remembers the last string of numbers dialed in case of busy signals or lost connections.

Field selectable to either 90ms or 600ms, the Flash is used to provide functions such as call transfer or call waiting when supported by the telephone system.

A digital volume control eliminates any mechanical devices for higher reliability. Using the Up and Down arrows, the volume level is adjusted and set to the desired level.

Ringer Functions
The PTA12 has multiple ringer outputs. A ringer tone is generated on the phones output and/ or to an independent line. A separate discreet output is provided for use with optional tone generators such as sonalerts or piezo devices.

LED display Brightness control.

ESC, ENTR, Up/Down
These functions are used for Phonebook editing and selection.


  • POTS interface
  • Artificial sidetone
  • Backlighting
  • Elastomeric keypad
  • Flash, hold, redial
  • Ring detect
  • Alphanumeric phonebook
  • LNK and SYS status
  • Height: 1.52”
  • Width: 5.77”
  • Depth: 4.17” excluding mating connectors
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs. (max.)