RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Antenna Kit

RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Antenna Kit

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RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Antenna

The RedPort Halo long-range WiFi extender system from RedPort takes a weak WiFi signal – at a marina, for example, or truck stop, basecamp, etc – and powerfully boosts it, repeating it back to you up to 7 miles away in perfect conditions. The Halo system then takes the boosted WiFi signal and routes it through the RedPort Optimizer WiFi hotspot (add-on option available). With the RedPort Optimizer you can share your WiFi connection with all the WiFi-capable devices near you – on your boat, truck, or building. Multiple users can connect to the Optimizer and share your long-range WiFi Internet connection seamlessly and fast.

Long Range WiFi Extender

It’s a common problem: you’re at a marina, truck stop, or camp and while there is free (or cheap) WiFi available, it doesn’t extend past the front door of the office. Setting up the RedPort Long Range WiFi Extender on your boat (or truck, RV, etc) means that you can capture that same WiFi signal – even up to miles away.


Internet Ready

Even if you choose not to use Apollo X-Mail or XWeb compression web-browsing with the RedPort Halo system, you can still connect to the Internet. A subscription to services is not required for the RedPort Halo system to function. Most users do subscribe to XGate and XWeb because the compression and acceleration works excellently over both regular Internet as well as satellite.

GSM and Satellite Phone Compatible

RedPort Optimizer seamlessly works with all current satellite phones and terminals and select GSM-based USB modems. With the RedPort Halo long range WiFi extender on board you can easily and quickly switch between a distant marina WiFi hotspot and your satellite system once you get out of range.

Optimized Apps

The RedPort Halo system works with RedPort XGate.XGate email service is your gateway to compression email, accelerated downloads, weather files (like GRIBs) via email, compression web-browsing, and social media posting for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. XGate works will your devices, including those running: Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, Apple iOS, and Google Android.

NMEA Compatible

RedPort Optimizer works as a NMEA repeater to broadcast your NMEA data (GPS location, AIS, weather data) to your navigational software on your smartphones, tablets, or computers.

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Who Uses Halo Long Range WiFi?

The RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi system is perfect for anyone needing outdoor WiFi boosters to capture long distance or highly-contended WiFi signals.

Recreational Cruisers

Hallo allows cruisers and other marine WiFi users to connect to marina WiFi in ports and harbors where free or inexpensive WiFi is available. The Halo system will allow you to connect to the main marina accesspoint even if you are in a distant slip or otherwise located far away from the main WiFi accesspoint.

Commercial Maritime

From commercial fishing and maritime transport, the RedPort Halo allows ships, rigs, and barges of all shapes and sizes to connect to land-based WiFi while in port or harbor.


When travelling in remote areas of the world with little or no cell coverage, Halo allows you to connect to distant WiFi accesspoints at rest stops, camps, truck stops, and motels.


Whether you are a commercial fishermen or go sport fishing once a month, Halo allows you to quickly and easily connect to available land WiFi when near shore.

M2M (Machine to Machine)

The RedPort Halo system has such a long WiFi range that it is used in remote areas where WiFi may be available at a single hotspot, but not broadcast very far. Halo can capture that signal and rebroadcast it to trucks, teams, combines, oil wells, etc.


When you spend your life on the road, you need to be able to sit back and relax in your cab with a good Internet connection. While in remote areas with no cell coverage, Halo allows you to connect to truck-stop WiFi even if you are parked far away.


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 8 x 3 in
Range Up to 7 mile range in perfect conditions
Power 12V
Frequency 2.4 GHz 9 dbi Outdoor Antenna
Antenna Length 28 inches not including user-supplied 1″ standard antenna mount
Cable Ethernet cable for inexpensive, long runs
WiFi Supports 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
  • Long Range WiFi Extender
  • 10m Ethernet Cable
  • Optional Compression/Acceleration Apps

Optimizer available in optional add-on or sold separately

RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Antenna Kit - Apollo Satellite