Sailor SC4150 Fixed Control Handset

Sailor SC4150 Fixed Control Handset

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SAILOR SC4150 Fixed Control Handset

Discontinued - Replaced By Cobham SAILOR IP Handset TT-3670A

The SAILOR SC4150 is an intelligent handset and control unit that features mobile phone style operation on a large LCD screen with a logical menu for ease of use. It can store up to 100 contacts with repeat call, call log functionality, and the high quality loud-speaker ensures all calls are easily heard wherever you are on board. This handset will help keep your vessel connected and since it is built for the Iridium Network that connection is on a global scope as well. When investing in a global communications solution it is important to remember ease of use; especially for the maritime market. Pick up a SAILOR Handset today and complete your setup!

Sailor SC4150 Fixed Mount Control Handset

The Sailor SC4150 is a handset and control unit that is compatible with TT-01-80415010 Sailor SC4000 and ICHU1000 Iridium Marine Terminals. This handset can navigate through a logical menu structure, which operates the same way as a conventional mobile phone. The large LCD display shows all the major functions and includes system surveillance and all the usual mobile phone functions. The SC4150 handset is equipped with a small but efficient loudspeaker, incoming calls are easy to hear even in wheelhouses and other noisy environments. A total of four SC4150 handsets can be applied, providing maximum flexibility as both to users and locations.

Features of the TT-01-80415010 Sailor SC4150 Handset

  • Easy to use works like a regular mobile phone.
  • Address book with up to 100 telephone numbers
  • Repeat call function
  • Call log Built-in loudspeaker