Iridium Edge Blunt Cut Cable EDGE10MBC1601

Iridium Edge Blunt Cut Cable EDGE10MBC1601

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Iridium Edge Blunt Cut Cable EDGE10MBC1601

10m cable with Iridium Edge mating connector

It is recommended to cut the cable to the required length to ensure a simple clean installation. The cable drawings including color codes for the optional Blunt cables are shown below. As per notes in the Pin Out Configuration drawing below, the shielded drain wire is connected to the ground pin. The braid wire at the blunt cut side, should be left unterminated to ensure that there is a single point ground for the cable shielding.

Iridium Edge Cable Schematics

Iridium Edge Connector Pin Positions

Iridium Edge Blunt Cut Cable Pin Positions - Apollo Satellite

Iridium Edge Pin-outs

 Pin No. Signal Name Signal Direction Description
1 Spare Unused
2 Ground Input For both signal ground reference and power return
3 RS232_RX Input RS232 Input
4 RS232_TX Output RS232 Output
5 Power Input 9-32V
6 On/Off Input Optional control line to power down Edge
7 Networks Available Output Data port, serial data output
8 Power Detect Output Active High when Edge powered