HawkEye 7200 Kit
Satellite Tracking

HawkEye 7200 Kit

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HawkEye 7200 Kit

The portable HawkEye 7200 (HE7200) satellite tracking device is packed with advanced features that make it the perfect Iridium SATCOM solution for on-the-go global asset tracking and communication even from your iPhone or iPad with built-in Bluetooth. Fly with it, take it with you in your vehicle, or jump on-board your ship; the HE7200 is the perfect portable companion for pinpoint GPS and satellite tracking, reliable communication and maximum personal security.

A true multi-national GNSS receiver plus Iridium give the HawkEye 7200 (HE7200) a definitive edge in TTFF (time to first fix) and global positioning accuracy. A built-in GNSS chip tracks GPS / GLONASS / GNSS satellites and multiple SBAS systems simultaneously to generate the fastest, most accurate position reports in the industry.

The HawkEye 7200 (HE7200) satellite tracking device includes a long-life lithium battery (up to 1200 positioning reports), a built-in dual Iridium/GNSS satellite tracking antenna, wireless Bluetooth, and the power of Blue Sky Network’s global asset management system, SkyRouter.

  • Global Iridium tracking and communication of aircraft, vehicles, vessels, people
  • Portable, self-contained small-format device, ready for grab-and-go applications
  • Two-way messaging over Bluetooth
  • Broadcasts directly to Blue Sky Network’s cloud-based web portal, SkyRouter
  • Concurrent search and detection of multi-national GNSS and SBAS systems
  • Ultra-accurate positioning and fast communication
  • Quick Position (QPOS) button
  • 3D motion sensor
  • Remote over-the-air parameter configuration from SkyRouter to in-field devices
  • Advanced geo-fencing, including device-side geo-fence detection
  • Support for EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)
  • Rechargeable long-life lithium ion battery
  • I/O ports (digital I/O, analog)


  • True Global Coverage –  The Iridium global network of 66 low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites offer faster connection times and true global coverage, so you know where your important assets are all of the time.
  • Faster, More Accurate Positioning Reports – The HawkEye 7200 (HE7200) offers concurrent satellite communication with 3 global satellite positioning (GNSS) systems, providing faster, more accurate positioning reports.
  • QPOS Button – With a single press of the Quick Position Button (QPOS), you can quickly send an alert and position report to your contact list through SkyRouter.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery – A fully rechargeable battery uses standard wall plug – not USB, so you can charge faster without carrying additional devices. Optional vehicle power adapter also available. Optimized power usage and an internal 2200mah lithium-ion battery deliver up to 1200 position reports on a single charge.
  • SkyRouter Command Center – The HawkEye 7200 (HE7200) communicates directly to SkyRouter, Blue Sky Network’s web portal—where you can track, update, communicate, and manage all your assets.
  • Nothing Extra to Carry – Just grab and go. No external antennas or power supply required. Simple button push turns unit on and immediately connects with Iridium and GNSS satellite networks.
  • Advanced Device-Side Geo-Fencing – This small tracking device connects directly with SkyRouter, which supports advanced variable response (AVR) geo-fencing. It allows to create radius or polygonal fences, variable responses and alerts.
  • Internal Iridium Satellite Modem: 9602
  • Accelerometer: 3D
  • Included Antenna: Internal Iridium and GNSS dual channel
  • Internal Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C