MCD-MissionLINK Portable Iridium Certus Hotspot
Satellite Terminal

MCD-MissionLINK Portable Iridium Certus Hotspot

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MCD-MissionLINK Portable Certus Hotspot - Apollo Satellite

MCD-MissionLINK Portable Iridium Certus Hotspot

Upto 2 Week Custom Build Time ARO

A portable, 100% Global Internet & Phone terminal engineered right into a ruggedized case. There is no training or certification required for full operation.

Iridium Certus Global Coverage

Iridium Certus services are 100% global even on the north and south poles at full available speeds. There is no place above ground it does not cover... an excellent advantage over other satellite service that have limited service regions or line-of-sight obstructions. The Iridium network uses 66 satellites that are moving in Low-Earth-Orbit

Simplicity At Its Best

The MCD-MissionLINK operates covering 100% of the globe so no matter where you are on the planet you can get a good, strong signal. A quickstart guide is even attached to the lid of the case which allows for untrained users to operate the terminal; as we said, simple! It brings unrivaled simplicity, portability, and convenience to the global communications market.

MCD-MissionLINK Portable Satellite HotSpot


MCD-MissionLINK Portable Satellite HotSpot

Closed Case Operation

As far as rugged operation, the MCD-MissionLINK does not disappoint. The MCD-MissionLINK case is designed to operate with the case lid closed bringing you the ultimate in rugged engineering. This effectively brings it up to a waterproof rating of IP66. This makes with waterproof with the addition of being able to handle powerful water jets from any direction.



LED Panel

On one side of the MCD-MissionLINK is a LED that shows when the unit is turned on. The battery level display stays on even if the unit is turned off (but may be turned off for stealth mode). Next to the display is the internal battery charge port that is watertight when plugged in for full time round-the-clock operation.

MCD-MissionLINK Portable Satellite HotSpot


MCD-MissionLINK Portable Satellite HotSpot

LAN Panel

The LAN panel of the MCD-MissionLINK allows a standard phone connection (or 2 with splitter), and two LAN Ports with PoE (Power over Ethernet). Next is a WAN port to connect up a primary Internet connection if one is available, such as a cellular data service. The WAN port offers least-cost-routing. All ports may be watertight with attached cabling with the watertight connector effectively keeping the waterproof rating for the device.




  • No pointing or aiming... Simply turn the unit on under an open sky.
  • Connects automatically with Iridium Certus network for 100% global service.
  • 100% Global connectivity on land or sea under the same service plan.
  • Internet speeds of 350 x 350 Kbps (And 700 down by 350 up later in 2019)
  • Does not require user interaction. No software to run. Establishes AP "Hotspot" automatically.
  • Ruggedized. Operates in extreme conditions. Case does not need to be opened to operate.
  • Operates stationary, or in-motion such as on top of a vehicle for other moving platform.
  • 1,000' (300 meter) wireless range WiFi hotspot for laptops, smartphones...any wireless device.
  • Connect up to 12 wireless devices. WiFi WPA2 Security & MAC address whitelisting.
  • Compact case size - 20.66" x 17.20" x 8.40" (52.5 x 43.7 x 21.3 cm)
  • External all weather Ethernet (RJ-45) and Phone (RJ-11) connection ports.
  • Up to 5-6 hour battery life (rechargeable) for normal use.
  • May be plugged into a vehicle 12V power port for continuous operation or charging.
  • Operates from -22°F to 131°F (-30° C to +55° C) temperatures. IP66 Rated
  • Includes standard analog phone. The RJ-14 jack has two separate phone lines.
  • No rain fade - Operates in heavy rain.
  • Internal temperature control fan - cools internal electronics during high temperatures.
  • Watertight, crushproof, dust proof reinforced plastic case.
  • Backlight 24x7 battery display shows power remaining. Can be enabled/disabled.
  • Portable - Ships UPS, FedEx, flight carry-on luggage anywhere.
  • Internal battery is not Lithium-Ion, so no flight restrictions. Carry portable.
  • Full IP compatibility - Internet, SMTP email, file transfer, IP protocols.
  • Global public / static IP addresses are available from Ground Control.
  • Remote access to connected devices with Public IPs & firewall controls-
  • Internet domain whitelists and blacklists configurable from terminal.
  • Location tracking services - Send coordinates to any server with any time frequency.
  • Custom engineering available... such as adding special equipment inside a larger case.
  • 2 Year standard warranty. 3 year and 5 year warranties available.
 MCD-MissionLINK Contents
  • MCD-MissionLINK Flyaway Portable Case
  • AC/DC power supply (110/240 VAC)
  • Standard analog phone with phone splitter for 2nd line
  • Mini DC inverter for running off vehicle power
  • International plugs U.S., U.K., European, Australian, China, N. Europe
  • Ethernet cable - 10' feet / 3 meters
  • USB flash drive with user manuals or here
  • Carry bag to hold contents of system accessories
 *Rated Max Speed *Early 2019 speeds are rated at 352 x 352 Kbps. Later in 2019 speeds will increase to 700 Kbps download x 352 Kbps upload with a free firmware update.
 Case Default Color Silver-Grey
 Service Used Iridium Certus - Land Plans on L-band
 Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g frequencies (802.11n is currently not supported)
 Wireless Range Tested at 300 meters (1,000 feet) with good wireless signal (-78 dBm signal) to standard laptop computer.
 Wireless Security WPA2 & MAC address whitelist
 Internet Security Whitelist and Blacklist of Internet domains configurable from the MissionLink interface
 Concurrent Wireless Users Up to 12 wireless devices
 LAN (External Port) 2 RJ-45 Ethernet Ports with PoE - Watertight connector (Power over Ethernet Class 2)
 WAN (External Port) 1 RJ-45 Passthrough failover parameters set in the web interface - Watertight connector.
 Phone (External Port) 1 RJ-14 phone jack for 2 phone lines - Watertight connector.
VoIP Phone may also connect via Ethernet for a total of 3 phone lines.
 MissionLINK Web Interface URL:
 MCD-MissionLINK Case  Dimensions 20.66" x 17.20" x 8.40" (52.5 x 43.7 x 21.3 cm)
 MCD-MissionLINK Weight 37 lbs (16.5 kg).
 Battery Life 5 hours average
 AC/DC Power Supply Input 110 to 240 Volts AC. Output 28 Volts DC @ 8 Amps. Total cable length is 12' (3.6 meters)
 Internal Battery Type NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) - FAA Flight Approved
 Operating Temperatures -30°C to +55°C / -22°F to +131°F
 Environmental Rating IP 66 Compliant - Excellent in all kinds of weather/dust
 Standard Warranty 2 years standard limited warranty
 Country of Origin The MCD-MissionLINK is manufactured in the United States.


  Plan Name Contract Period Monthly Allowance Additional Usage Monthly Price
 Certus Land Mobile Base 10 MB  12 Months 10 MB | 0 Voice Min $4.94 / MB  $60
 Certus Land Mobile Starter 30 MB  6 Months 30 MB | 0 Voice Min $4.18 / MB  $100
 Certus Land Mobile Standard 150 MB  6 Months 150 MB | 0 Voice Min $3.42 / MB  $375
 Certus Land Mobile Adventurer 500 MB  6 Months 500 MB | 0 Voice Min $2.66 / MB  $1050
 Certus Land Mobile Research 2 GB  3 Months 2000 MB | 0 Voice Min $1.99 / MB  $1450
 Certus Land Mobile Explorer 5 GB  3 Months 5000 MB | 0 Voice Min $1.49 / MB  $2025
 Certus Land Mobile Enterprise 10 GB  3 Months 10 GB | 0 Voice Min $0.99 / MB  $2650


 Iridium Certus Midband Iridium Certus Broadband
22 Kbps - 88 Kbps  176 Kbps - 1.4 Mbps
Smaller, Low-gain Antennas  Solid-state Antenna Options
Transceivers Optimized for Size, Cost and Power  Transceivers Optimized for Speed



 Local Dialing #
 Local # Access Monthly Fee  $10.00
 Local Number Access Service (DIDWW Supported Countries) Month Fee

 Iridium Certus Short Burst Data
 SBD Monthly Access Fee  $10.00
 Usage Charges ($/KB, per 1000 bytes)
 Mailbox Checks, Registration & Forced Ring Alerts  $0.05 ea


This is where the SBD device should deliver its data. One destination is required and up to 5 are supported. Wildcard characters cannot be used. Examples of valid destinations for each delivery method are shown below:

 Destination Type  Protocol Example
Direct IP:PORT (NOTE: The port is required)
E-mail Address
SBD Device IMEI  300040100001230



 Feature Name  Cost
Message Delivery Point  $350 Per Year
Mobile Termination (Annual Charge)  $70.00 Per Year
Mobile Terminated SBD (MT-SBD) messages are sent to the Iridium Gateway via the Internet from a host computer system. The maximum length of a MO-SBD message is 1960 bytes. The maximum length of a MT-SBD message is 1890 bytes. Global network transmit latency for delivery of messages ranges from 5 seconds for messages of 70 bytes to approximately 20 seconds for maximum length messages. (Additional latency may occur across the Internet)
Mobile Termination Activation  $280
Include Geo-Data  FREE
Geo-Data is the last known location (latitude and longitude) of the device. When this option is enabled Geo-Data is included in the message content. By default it is enabled for all the delivery destinations. The SBD GEO data determined by the Iridium satellite network can be included with the message if you are not sending GPS data in the SBD message already. (accurate to about 15 miles)
Ring Alerts  FREE
The Iridium Gateway will send a 'Ring Alert' to the Transceiver when a Mobile Terminated SBD (MT-SBD) message has been queued at the Iridium SBD Gateway. Your mobile application can then decide whether to retrieve the MT-SBD data message at that time or later.
MO ACK - Mobile Originated Acknowledgement  FREE
MO ACK setting is used in conjunction with a Direct IP Delivery Destination. The default setting is off. When checked on, the Gateway expects to receive an acknowledgement from the receiving server that it has received the message. If the Gateway does not receive an acknowledgement, it will attempt to re-deliver the message for 12 hours. No other messages will be delivered to the receiving server until the first message is acknowledged.



 Streaming IP Services  Per Minute
 4.8 Kbps  $1.00
 9.6 Kbps  $1.50
 14.4 Kbps  $2.00
 28 Kbps  $2.50
 40 Kbps  $3.00
 56 Kbps  $5.00
 96 Kbps  $8.00
 128 Kbps  $10.00
 168 Kbps  $12.00
 256 Kbps  $16.00