RockAIR Satellite Communication Device
Satellite Tracking

RockAIR Satellite Communication Device

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RockAIR Satellite Communication Device

The RockAIR Satellite Communication Device is a truly global tracking and messaging piece of equipment designed for use on the dashboard of light-aircraft, rotorcraft, and land-based vehicles. It has built-in GSM, which allows it to use terrestrial mobile phone networks when possible, automatically switching to the global Iridium satellite network when GSM is not available.


The tracker will wake up on a regular basis, obtain a position using the GPS satellite network, and then transmit that position back to Rock Seven HQ using either GSM or the Iridium satellite network.

  • The RockAIR also allows short messages (like SMS, social media updates and short emails) to be sent using a paired Bluetooth device (such as a smartphone) and the RockCONNECT app. This allows for full two-way communication wherever you are, even when out of mobile network range.
  • The combination of GSM and Iridium provides a cost-effective, and truly global, method of tracking and communicating with your assets wherever they may be. It brings convenience to an already convenient product and service


Product Details

Powered By 9-30v input, USB or integrated backup battery
Transmits Using Iridium or GSM
Size 100mm x 119mm x 25mm
Weight 210 grams
Installation via Quick Release Mounting clip
Other Certifications FCC & CE
Ideal For Carry-on installation on aircraft and rotocraft
Fixed/Carry-on installation in land vehicles
Tracking Options Various tracking options from 1 minute to 24 hours
Bundle  per Credit  Bundle Price
 100 Credits  $0.14  $14.39
 200 Credits  $0.13  $26.16
 500 Credits  $0.12  $58.86
 1000 Credits  $0.10  $104.63
 2000 Credits  $0.09  $183.11
 5000 Credits  $0.08  $392.37
 10000 Credits  $0.07  $653.95
 20000 Credits  $0.05  $1,046.32

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