Thuraya WE Dual Mode Hotspot
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Thuraya WE Dual Mode Hotspot

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Thuraya WE Dual Mode Hotspot

Staying connected is a priority. It’s at the heart of your social identity and self-expression. It’s how you reach out to your family and closest friends, to share with them your experiences and news. Thuraya understands this fundamental need, and that’s why they have been evolving and advancing their data products throughout the years to meet this ever-growing global demand for wireless data connectivity. The Thuraya WE Dual Mode Hotspot was developed to converge satellite with terrestrial communications. It is the world’s first dual mode Satellite & LTE hotspot that keeps you in contact with your family and friends all the time, no matter where you are.

The Thuraya WE Dual Mode Hotspot allows you to automatically switch between Satellite and GSM networks with a click of a button using the Thuraya WE mobile app and web interface. With the Thuraya WE Dual Mode Hotspot , you can transform any area into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and allow up to 10 smart devices to connect and share internet within a range of 100ft or more.

Weight 1kg
Size 230mm x 197mm x 24mm
Battery Type
Lithium Ion, rechargeable
Battery Capacity
7.4V, 6Ah, (2S2P)
Run Times (Battery)
Cell - standby: 20hrs;
Cell - data: 9hrs;
Sat - standby: 6hrs;
Sat - voice: 5 hrs;
Sat - data: 3 hrs
Ingress Protection
IP54 compliant
Single SIM, dual mode hotspot
Thuraya WE is the only hotspot in the market to offer dual mode capability. It extends data coverage by offering Satellite & LTE broadband data services allowing you to move in and out of terrestrial coverage areas with ease.

Manual or auto-network selection
Thuraya WE enables you to flexibly switch between networks by setting up the auto-network switching function on the web interface or smart phone app. The hotspot will automatically switch from your default network to the other network once you’re out of coverage.

Calls and text messages in Satellite Mode
The Thuraya WE app transforms your smart device into a satellite phone, it enables you to access your existing phone’s contact list to make satellite calls and SMS’s when satellite mode is selected.

Easy to use interface
To fully control the hotspot, Thuraya has developed a user friendly interface that can be accessed either through the web or through a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android systems.

Unified communications
With Thuraya WE, you can transform any area into a Wi-Fi hotspot, connect all your devices and applications, enjoy the internet by connecting up to 10 smart devices to Thuraya WE Wi-Fi hotspot within a radius of 30 meters or more.

Lightweight and durable
Weighing 1 kg only, Thuraya WE is compact light and portable, offering voice and data connectivity on the go. It holds the globally recognized Ingress Protection Rating IP54 which provides protection from dust and water spray from any direction to withstand harsh environments.

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