Iridium GO Plans Prepaid
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Iridium GO Plans Prepaid

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No Activation Fees • No Reload Fees • No Service Fees

Iridium GO Plans global prepaid service works anywhere on earth. Select from standard prepaid Iridium SIM cards. Stay connected everywhere. Iridium is the leading commercial satellite network in the world and the only one that provides voice and data communications across every inch of the planet – including the earth’s oceans, airways and polar regions.

 Iridium GO Plans Prepaid Data Voice SMS Validity Units Extends Rollover Price
Iridium GO Inactive SIM 0 0 0 0 Days N/A N/A N/A
Iridium GO 400  400 200 1200
6 Months
Yes Yes $495
Iridium GO 1000 1000
500 3000
1 Year 30,000
Yes Yes $745
Iridium GO 2000 2000 1000 6000 2 Years 60,000
Yes Yes $1465
Iridium GO 3000 Text 0 0 3000
6 Months 30,000
N/A N/A $625
Iridium GO 6000 Text 0 0 6000
1 Year 60,000
Yes Yes $800


• Iridium GO Prepaid SIM cards can be activated within 1 year of purchase
• The expiration of your Iridium GO SIM card begins when the card is activated
• Maximum expiry period per SIM is 3 years
• Calls are decremented in 20 second increments, text are decremented per message
• Calls to check voicemail are considered outgoing calls
• When you refill by the expiration date your minutes and validity are extended and you retain your original Iridium phone number

    Iridium GO Plans Prepaid Worldwide SIM Card Details

    Coverage Area: Worldwide • True Global Service • Anywhere you can see the sky

    Inactive Iridium GO Prepaid SIM Card: May be activated and used with any Iridium GO prepaid plan. You will be unable to use an inactive Iridium prepaid SIM without the purchase of an Iridium prepaid voucher.

    • Standard SIM = 25 x 15 x 0.76mm
    • Micro SIM = 15 x 12 x 0.76mm
    Validity 30 Days -> 3 Years
    Units 12,000 -> 300,000 Units – You will be notified of your remaining minute balance at the start of each voice call.
    Voice / Data Minutes 200 -> 5000 Minutes
    Outgoing SMS 1,200 -> 15,000
    Can Recharge Airtime?

    Yes, at anytime before or within 270 Days after SIM Expiration.

    Compatible Equipment Iridium GO, Iridium GLOW.

    Iridium GO Plans Prepaid Coverage Map

    Iridium GO Plans Prepaid SIM Cards - Apollo Satellite


    NOT COVERED: Comoros, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Libya, Rwanda, Sao Tome, Seychelles, Sudan, Swaziland & Togo. U.S. government regulations forbid Iridium Satellite and/or its affiliates from offering equipment or providing the Iridium service in Iran, Sudan, or Syria, nor to any entity identified in the “Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons” list maintained by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control.


    INCOMING - Landline FREE
    INCOMING - Cellular FREE
    INCOMING - Two-stage Dialing 60 Units
    OUTGOING - Voice ISU to PSTN, Landline & Cellular 60 Units
    OUTGOING - Other Iridium 30 Units
    OUTGOING - SMS / Text 3 Units / message
    OUTGOING - Iridium Data 30 Units
    OUTGOING - Voicemail Retrieval 30 Units
    OUTGOING - Other Satellite Networks 540 Units


    You Have Questions, Apollo Has Answers! Available 24/7 To Assist You @ +1 (844) 248-0123

    Should I Choose Iridium GO Monthly or Iridium GO Prepaid Service?
     A: Iridium GO Monthly Airtime Service Plans offer the benefit of uninterrupted service, overage on minutes, pay as you go plans, USA and International local phone numbers, rollover minutes, unlimited Iridium to Iridium calling and more.

    Iridium GO Prepaid Plans are more expensive, have a limited amount of minutes, no allowed overage (service will just cut out), no USA or local phone numbers, and minutes can be rolled over only if a new prepaid plan is purchased before the old SIM voucher expires. Monthly service is always recommended for Iridium satellite phones.
     Q: What is the Cost for Calling Internationally from Iridium?
     A: Iridium GO do not have roaming costs. You are able to make calls anywhere in the world to any cellular or landline at the same flat rate. Unit burn rates are different depending on SIM voucher type.
     Q: Does Iridium GO Hotspot Work On The Ocean?
     A: Yes, Iridium GO's have excellent coverage on the ocean and anywhere else in the world you have a view of the sky. We sell antenna solutions that will make your satellite devices a more convenient solution for your vessel
     Q: Can My Iridium GO Be Hacked, Tracked or Spoofed?
     A: It is very difficult for event he most advanced government agency to trace and spy on an Iridium satellite device. Eavesdropping on a satellite device is virtually impossible since the signal travels vertically towards the sky. They would have to have an airplane full of equipment inline of sight between you and the satellite. However, they would still have to decrypt the signal which is encoded with up-to 256 Bit AES Encryption, the same as the DOD uses for their own communications.

    Compared to your cell phones where the signal travels horizontally towards the cellular towers and through this transmission your signal is able to be intercepted and there is no encryption.
     Q: Am I Charged For Incoming Calls and Text To My Iridium GO?
     A: No, direct dialed incoming calls and text are free on any Iridium service plan you choose. However, Iridium GO's are international phone numbers so the caller will have to check with their landline or cellular provider on the cost of calling an Iridium phone.
     Q: Am I Able To Use My Iridium GO Inside?
     A: Iridium GO requires a clear line of sight with satellites. At anytime there are 1 to 8 satellites in range of your phone, depending on where you are in the world.

    We offer Docking Stations and Antenna solutions if you do need to have satellite service inside your building, vessel, aircraft or mine.