Aero Aviation Antenna-Iridium/GPS

Aero Aviation Antenna-Iridium/GPS

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Aero Aviation Antenna - Satellite Communications

The Aero Aviation Antenna helps provide much-needed services to the air by bringing improved communications to the aviation industry. This low-profile Iridium antenna is an Iridium-frequency antenna designed for both fixed wing and rotorcraft airframes and works with Iridium-based voice and data communications devices. The single channel aviation patch (Iridium/GPS) provides continuous coverage from 1565 MHz to 1626.5 MHz for excellent Iridium operation as well as GPS L1 applications. Mechanical configuration is a spherical-radius molded radome which provides enhanced protection against rain, ice, and lightning strikes. It is qualified for high-speed military aircraft as well as ARINC applications.

  • Low-profile antenna
  • Designed for both fixed wing and rotorcraft airframes
  • Provides continuous coverage