Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna Pipe Mount AT1621-142
Iridium Antenna

Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna Pipe Mount AT1621-142

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Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna Pipe Mount AT1621-142

The Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna Pipe Mount AT1621-142 is perfect for any situation that requires an Iridium satellite phone to be used in areas without clear views of the sky.

The Iridium fixed mast antenna can give your device improved reception and assist in making sure your Iridium communication solution is ready to help keep you connected when you need it the most.

Are looking for a reliable a high-quality antenna that is designed specifically for Iridium devices? Look no further than our Iridium fixed mast antenna! You'll love the Iridium fixed mast antenna. Plus, it's easy to install and compatible with all Iridium-based voice and data communications devices.

The Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna offers a low profile, omnidirectional design that can be mounted in any location without obstructing the surroundings. The pole mounting bracket or right angle option is available for installation convenience and it comes equipped with protected female TNC connector at its base which makes connection inside easy while protecting against harsh environments like water damage caused by high humidity climates for example.

Aero Antenna Iridium Mast Mount AT1621-142 - Apollo Satellite

This Iridium fixed mast antenna is the perfect solution for fixed base and maritime applications. With its cable connection enclosed and sealed inside the antenna base it is protected from harsh environments, it's designed to work with all Iridium-based voice and data communications devices. Whether you're on a boat or at a fixed location, this mast mount antenna will provide you with the best possible signal strength.

The mast-style antenna will give you better reception than the standard one on your Iridium satellite phone and is perfect for any situation where an a clear view of the sky does not exist. With this Iridium pole mount antenna you will never have to worry about reception again when our at sea, at your base-station or on the go.

Iridium Satellite Phone Service Plans - Apollo Satellite

If you are looking for an antenna manufacturer producing equipment that works consistently, AEROAntenna Technology is the only option. Expect new antennas to be added to their already impressive product portfolio. AEROAntenna's Iridium's Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna Pipe Mount AT1621-142 truly outperforms its competition when deployed with correct equipment. AEROAntenna antennas ensure that your Iridium communication system is capable of keeping you connected to the unlimited coverage of your Iridium satellite service.

The Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna is omnidirectional and therefore makes it an easy installation in any location. The recessed TNC female connector means that you can connect your cable without worry of harsh environments damaging the connection point inside the device, as well as being protected from wind gusts or other weather elements!

Manufacturer AEROAntenna Technology Inc.
Standard Model # AT1621-142W-TNCF-000-00-00-NM
Usage Area 100% Global
System Type Passive
Color White
Finish Weatherable Polymer
Weight 11oz (312g)
  • Diameter: 7.6 cm (3.0 in)
  • Height: 16.231 cm (6.39 in)
Connector Options
  • TNC-F (female)
  • SMA-F (female)
Mount Type
  • 3/4" Threaded
  • Standard 1" - 14 Male Threads
Service Frequency Band Iridium L-Band (1565 – 1626.5 MHz)
Polarization Right Hand Circular
Axial Ratio 3.0 dB Max at Bore Sight
Radiation Coverage
  • +.04 dBic
  • -1.4 dBic
  • -0.25 dBic

  • = 0°
  • 0° < 0 < 45°
  • 75° ≤ 0 < 82°
Impedance 50 Ω
VSWR ≤ 2.0 : 1
Power Handling 10 Watts
Gain Passive
Voltage Passive
Operating Temperature -67ºF (-55ºC) to 185ºF (85ºC)
Extreme Rain Exposure
  • 37 mm/10 min
  • 145 mm/24 h
Extreme Snow Exposure 3,0kN/m2
Wind 35m/s
Altitude 6,000m / 20,000ft
Brands AEROAntenna Technology
Warranty AEROAntenna 1-Year Standard
  • Logo Printing Optional
  • U-Bolt Assembly will accept .75-1.00 OD Pipe, Torque Nuts to 4-6 In/Lbs.
  • Tolerances: 
    • .xx = +/- .03
    • .xxx = +/- .010
Compatible With


The Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna can be used with all Iridium Satellite phones including the Iridium Extreme 9575, and it will give better reception than the standard antenna on the phone. 

The antenna cable connection is inside the antenna and protected from harsh environments to avoid corrosion or connectors.

  • High-quality AERO Antenna
  • Fixed Base and Maritime Applications
  • Iridium Certified
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Small and lightweight
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty


Iridium Fixed Mast Antenna Pipe Mount AT1621-142 Variation Descriptions

Standard: AT1621-142 Antenna Only
PVC Pipe: AT1621-142 Antenna + 3/4" x 12" PVC Pipe
Stainless Bracket Kit: AT1621-142 Antenna + 3/4" x 12" PVC Pipe + Stainless Brackets

AERO Iridium Antenna AT1621-142 Blueprint