Intellian v65 Satellite Communications INT-V65
Maritime VSAT

Intellian v65 Satellite Communications INT-V65

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Intellian v65 Satellite Communications INT-V65

The Intellian v65 Satellite Communications INT-V65 is the world’s first and only 60cm class antenna capable of top RF performance in either Ku-band or Ka-band. Intellian v65 X-pol only w/o BUC.

  • Convertible from Ku-band to Ka-band operation in as little as 10 minutes
  • Intellian v65 Simple dual cable installation with external cable connectors at the base of the radome
  • Dual VSAT Mediator integrates two VSAT antennas to combat onboard blockage zones
  • Open platform system architecture works with all leading Ku-band service providers
  • Remote Management using Aptus Web. Wi-Fi enabled ACU for local control using Aptus Mobile or PC
  • Supports 4W, 8W, & 16W BUC out of the box
  • Dynamic motor brakes permit shipping without stow brackets eliminating the need to remove the radome during installation
  • 3-Year Global Warranty backed by over 480 Intellian Service and Support centers around the world


Best RF Performance

The v65’s high-efficiency reflector and feed design deliver dramatically improved gain performance for increased fidelity of service and improved overall link margin. Service providers can now leverage the superior performance to access new market segments by building new, attractive service plans offering truly global coverage, higher throughput, and larger sized data plans. Live network testing shows the v65 offers an average of 1.2 dB/k improvement in G/T over any other system in its class, and can achieve download speeds up to 100Mbps over high throughput satellites, such as Intelsat’s EPIC constellation.

Built for Scale

The rate of adoption is increasing for maritime satellite communications. While this is a positive development for the industry, the challenge is keeping up with demand. Intellian understands that clients are not earning revenue until the system is installed and activated. The Intellian v65 aims to solve this problem through a few key features.

The product is shipped without any stow brackets on the pedestal, and the RF connectors are now accessible from a small external panel, meaning there is no longer any need to remove to radome during pre-installation testing or during installation itself. Saving time through both of these processes enhances the efficiency of your business and gets you to activation far more quickly. The v65 is also capable of supporting automated commissioning once it has been properly integrated with a given network.

Intellian v65 - bg-strip2


Frequency Flexible

In today’s market, there are a number of barriers to adoption. As satellite technology evolves more and more quickly, users are faced with important technology decisions, such as to move in the direction of next-generation Ka-band services, or newly launched Ku-band offerings. Many express concerns over being stuck one way or the other based on hardware limitations. The Intellian v65 Satellite Communications INT-V65 is the world’s first and only 60cm class antenna system which can operate in both Ku- and Ka-bands through a simple conversion process. Using one of Intellian’s signature onboard conversion kits, users can swap out key RF components in as little as 10 minutes to move from one frequency to another, delivering maximum performance in any geography and ensuring a Futureproof communications solution for end users all over the world.

Intellian v65 Satellite Communications INT-V65 Features

Remote Access via Aptus Web

  • Built-in web interface: Remote Upgrades, Automatic Diagnostics
  • Access all onboard Intellian antennas (including TVRO) through the onboard network

Frequency Flexibility

  • Standard equipped in Ku-band configuration for top RF performance on all major satellite networks
  • Convertible to Ka-band operation in as little as 10 minutes for instant conversion to Inmarsat GX or Telenor THOR-7 services

Gyro-free Operation

  • No required input from ship’s heading device
  • Quick setup to reduce installation time. Automated Bow offset function in Aptus

Global Satellite Library

  • Preinstalled database of detailed satellite data with one-touch remote updating feature through Aptus
  • Customizable satellite library for a specific network

Auto Beam Switching (ABS)

  • Supports ABS via the OpenAMIP protocol from iDirect and Comtech’s ROSS Open Antenna Management (ROAM) protocol

Open Platform Compatibility

  • Fully compatible with all major service providers
  • Preconfigured modem settings provided in a simple drop down menu using Aptus

Optional Dual VSAT Mediator

  • Ensures uninterrupted broadband communications by seamlessly switching between two antennas
  • Communicates simultaneously with two Antenna Control Units (ACU). Ideal for redundant antenna environments

Global Support

  • Over 480 Intellian Service and Support centers around the world

Three Year Global Warranty

  • Industry leading 3-year parts and workmanship guarantee with a 2-year labor warranty for all antenna systems, ensuring peace of mind with your hardware investment
  • The new warranty policy (3 year parts and 2 year labor) is only valid for products purchased after 1st, January 2017



Product Models

Intellian v65 X-pol only w/o BUC PN: VG-650


BUC Options

NJRC 4W Standard Part Number:V1-2101
NJRC 8W Standard (NJT5118NM) Part Number:V1-2216
NJRC 8W Extended (NJT5118NM) Part Number:V1-2212
NJRC 16W Extended Part Number:V1-2213


Radome & Antenna

Radome Height 104 cm (40.9 inch)
Radome Diameter 90.0 cm (35.5 inch)
Reflector Diameter 65.0 cm (25.6 inch)
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs) Variable w/ RF components


Stabilized Pedestal Assembly

Pedestal Type 3-axis (Azimuth, Elevation, Cross-level)
Azimuth Range Unlimited
Elevation Range -20° to 115°
Cross Level Range ±37°


RF Performance

TX Frequency 13.75 ~ 14.5 GHz Ku-band
TX Gain 37.7 dBi @ Mid band
RX Frequency 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz Ku-band
RX Gain 36.3 dBi @ Mid band
G/T 15.7 dB/K (Clear Sky, 30° Elevation)
BUC Power 8W EXT (Optional 4W, 8W, 16W)
LNB Intellian PLL LNB
Polarization Linear, Cross-pol only


Antenna Control Unit

Dimensions (W × D × H) 43.1 cm × 38.1 cm × 4.4 cm (17 inch × 15 inch × 1.7 inch)
Weight 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
Display 2 line 40 character graphic VFD module
Ship’s Gyrocompass Interface NMEA0183 / NMEA2000
Modem Interface Ethernet port / RS-232C / I / O ports
Modem Protocol iDirect, Comtech, SatLink, Hughes, GILAT
Remote Management Yes
Wi-Fi Operation N/A
Power Requirement 100~240V AC, 50~60Hz, 4A

Intellian v65 DatasheetDatasheet

MODEL v60 v60Ka v65 v80G
Radome Dimension(WxH) 78x84.5cm (30.7x33.3 inch) 90x103cm (35.5x40.5 inch) 90x104 cm (35.5x40.9 inch) 113x121cm (44.5x47.5 inch)
Reflector Diameter 60 cm (23.6 inch) 65 cm (25.6 inch) 65 cm (25.6 inch) 83cm (32.7 inch)
Antenna Weight 59.5 kg (131.2 lbs) 60 kg (132 lbbs) 60 kg (132 lbs) 90.4 kg (199lbs)
Elevation Range -10º~100º -20˚ to +115˚ -20˚ to +115˚ -10˚~110˚
Cross-Level Range Up to ±30º Up to ±37˚ ±37˚ Up to ± 30˚
Turn Rate Up to 12˚/sec 5˚/sec Up to 12˚/sec 5˚/sec none Up to 12˚/sec 5˚/sec
TX Frequency 13.75~14.5 GHz Ku-band 29.00~30GHz Ka-band 13.75~14.5GHz Ku-band 13.75~14.5GHz Ku-band
RX Frequency 10.95~12.75 GHz Ku-band 19.2~20.2GHz Ka-band 10.7~12.75GHz Ku-band 10.7~12.75GHz Ku-band
TX Gain 37 dBi @ Mid band 43.75 dBi @ 29.5 GHz 37.7 dBi @ Mid band 40 dBi @ Mid band
RX Gain 35.6 dBi @ Mid band 40 dBi @ 19.7GHz 36.3 dBi @ Mid band 37.6 dBi @ Mid band
LNB Pol Control Cross-pol & Co-pol as standard Circular, Tx:RHCP/Rx:LHCP Intellian PLL LNB Cross-pol & Co-pol as standard
Cross-Pol Isolation >30 dB at beam center Minimum 35 dB Linear, Cross-pol only >35 dB @ beam center
G/T 15.0 dB/K > 16.2 dB/K (min.) 15.7 dB/K 17.7 dB/K


MODEL v100 v100Ka v130G v240
Radome Dimension(WxH) 138x151.4cm (54.3x59.6 inch) 138x151.4cm (54.3x59.6 inch) 165.2x168.9cm (65x66.5 inch) 330x352 cm (130x139 inch)
Reflector Diameter 103cm (41 inch) 103cm (41 inch) 125 cm (49.2 inch) 240 cm (94.5 inch)
Antenna Weight 127.4 kg (280.8 lbs) 128 kg (282lbs) 149.7 kg (337 lbs) 670 kg (1477 lbs)
Elevation Range -20˚~115˚ -20˚~115˚ -20˚~120˚ -15˚~120˚
Cross-Level Range Up to ±37˚ Up to ±37˚ Up to ±37˚ Up to ± 30˚
Turn Rate Up to 12˚/sec 5˚/sec Up to 12˚/sec 5˚/sec Up to 12˚/sec 5˚/sec Up to 12˚/sec 5˚/sec
TX Frequency 13.75~14.5GHz Ku-band 29~30GHz Ka-band 13.75~14.5GHz Ku-band C=5.85~6.425GHz
RX Frequency 10.7~12.75GHz Ku-band 19.2~20.2GHz Ka-band 10.95~12.75 GHz Ku-band C=3.625~4.2GHz
TX Gain 41.6 dBi @ Mid band 47.7 dBi @ 29.5GHz 43.2 dBi @ Mid band C=41.7 dBi/Ku=48.6dBi
RX Gain 39.4 dBi @ Mid band 43.7 dBi @ 19.7GHz 42.1 dBi @ Mid band C=37.7 dBi/ku=48.6dBi
LNB Pol Control Cross-pol & Co-pol as standard Circular, Tx:RHCP/Rx:LHCP Cross-pol & Co-pol as standard C=Cir&Lin/Ku=Linear
Cross-Pol Isolation >35 dB @ beam center Mininum 35dB >35 dB @ beam center >35 dB @ beam center
G/T 19.6 dB/K >20.3 dB/K (min.) 20.4 dB/K C:20dB/K/Ku:27.6dB/K


MODEL v240M v240MT Dual-band v240MT Tri-band
Radome Dimension(WxH) 390x414 cm (153.5x162.9in) 391x434 cm (154x169.5 in) 391x434 cm (154x169.5 in)
Reflector Diameter 240 cm (94.5 inch) 240 cm (94.5 inch) 240 cm (94.5 inch)
Antenna Weight 880 kg (1940 lbs) 960 kg (2116 lbs) 960 kg (2116 lbs)
Elevation Range -15˚~120˚ -15˚~120˚ -15˚~120˚
Cross-Level Range Up to ± 30˚ Up to ± 30˚ Up to ± 30˚
Turn Rate Up to 12˚/sec 5˚/sec Up to 12˚/sec 5˚/sec Up to 12˚/sec 5˚/sec
TX Frequency C=5.85~6.425GHz
RX Frequency C=3.625~4.2GHz
TX Gain C=41.9 dBi/Ku=49dBi C=41.9 dBi/Ku=49dBi C=41.9 dBi/Ku=49dBi
RX Gain C=38.6 dBi/Ku=48dBi C=38.6 dBi/Ku=48dBi C=38.6 dBi/Ku=48dBi
LNB Pol Control C=Cir&Lin/Ku=Linear C=Cir&Lin/Ku=Linear C=Cir&Lin/Ku=Linear
Cross-Pol Isolation >30dBc Typical >30dBc Typical >30dBc Typical
G/T C:20.3dB/K,Ku:28.2dB/K C:20.3dB/K,Ku:28.2dB/K C:20.3dB/K,Ku:28.2dB/K