Iridium 9555 High-Capacity Battery BAT41101

Iridium 9555 High-Capacity Battery BAT41101

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Iridium 9555 High-Capacity Battery BAT41101

When the only connection to the world you care about is through your satellite phone, having a 100% reliable battery is crucial. And with top-of-the-line features like an extended standby time of 43 hours and 6.5 hours of talk time per charge, that's one thing you don't have to worry about.

Tired of running out of juice and exhausting precious airtime on your phone? Then the Iridium 9555 High Capacity Battery is made for you. This battery offers up to 43 hours of standby time, so can stay connected as long as you need to - even when sunlight isn't available. And it's not too heavy either: weighing 50% less than its competition because it uses newer technologies such as light-weight nickel cobalt aluminum (Li-NCoAlO2) lithium ion cells that are safer and more environmentally friendly!

The Iridium 9555 High-Capacity Battery comes is a 2.3 ounce lithium-ion battery pack that can be removed, attached or recharged quickly to keep the phone running strong so you never lose contact with our world anywhere. Ensure your location is always secure and reachable for emergencies with this top of the line satellite phone replacement accessory.

Your Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone will never be out of power again because we take care not just of batteries but chargers and accessories too, all at the best prices and offers available on earth!

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Weight 92 g (2.3 oz)
Capacity 3760 mAh, 3.7 V
Talk time 6.5 hours in full network coverage
Standby time 43 hours in full network coverage
  • Compatible: Iridium 9555 satellite phone
  • Battery charge time to 100% capacity is 4 hours
  • For optimum performance, only charge your battery between 0°C (32°F) and 40°C (104°F)
  • RoHS compliant


Imagine being stranded in the middle of nowhere without a phone. You're done having people remember you to pick up your call, because now it's time that they picked you up! And with this Iridium 9555 High-Capacity Battery, there is no need for worry. With six and a half hours of talk time and 43+ hours of standby time, the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone battery has enough power for everything.