BEAM Push-to-talk Desktop Charger

BEAM Push-to-talk Desktop Charger

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BEAM Push-to-talk Desktop Charger

When you are out and about, whether you are in your vehicle or not, you always need a way to keep power to your handheld devices and this desktop charger does exactly that. The Beam Push-to-talk Desktop Charger brings added convenience to your Extreme PTT while you’re away from your vehicle; allowing you to stay connected while your device remains in the dock charging! This charger offers a simple way to stay connected while charging your device, bringing more convenience to your existing Extreme Wireless Push-to-talk Handset Kit.

BEAM’s High Quality Engineering

Beam was the first company to design and manufacture a fully compliant POTS emulation phone service for the Iridium Satellite network using its Remote Satellite Terminals. Now one of the leading global manufacturers of satellite communication equipment, Beam offers the widest range of Iridium solutions across all market segments. Beam prides itself on its ability to develop a broad spectrum of market applications and dedicated products, tailored to the needs of vertical markets and industry specific applications throughout the world. Beam solutions are deployed into a wide range of vertical markets including Maritime, Transport, Government, Defence, Mining, Construction, Forestry, Emergency Services, Relief Aid, Telemetry, and Rural Telephony. Through the strategic development of a global distribution network Beam has partners located across the globe to support the growing demand for its products and services.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in
Primary Features Used with the Extreme Push-to-talk Handset Kit
Charges your Wireless BEAM PTT Handset when you are not in your vehicle
  • Extreme Wireless Push-to-talk Handset Kit