AERO Aviation Antenna AT129-1

AERO Aviation Antenna AT129-1

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Aero Antenna Omni-Directional Aviation Antenna AT129-1 - Apollo Satellite

AERO Aviation Antenna AT129-1

Built to Order: 8 weeks ARO

The AERO Aviation Antenna AT129-1 has aero-dynamic design that ensures excellent omnidirectional pattern over the entire band. A high-quality omnidirectional antenna from AERO that is a perfect solution for aviation.

The AT129-1 is a high-quality antenna from AERO that is a perfect solution for the aviation market. It brings added convenience to an already proven portfolio of high-quality devices and services from some of the top manufacturers and service providers in the world today.

When putting your trust into an antenna for your global communications solution you know that with AERO you are getting a quality piece of equipment that will perform well when you need it.

Standard Model #: AT129-1 AERO Aviation Antenna

Frequency 1090 ± 10 Mhz
Polarization Vertical
Lighting Protection DC Grounded
Pattern Omni-directional cosine/EL
Gain 12 dB MIN.
Noise Figure 3.2 dB Max.
Impedance 50 Ω
Band Rejection 1030 MHz 35 dB
Input Power 5 VDC to 15 VDC @ Currect 20 mA MAX.
Connection AERO Aviation Antenna AT129-1
Type TNC Female
Material A380 Aluminum Alloy Casting
Finish Polyurethane enamel white, skydrol resistant
Weight 6.7oz
Operating Temp -55° to +70°C
Ground Survival Temp -55° to +85°C
Altitude 55,000'
TSO C66c
Standard Model AT129-1
  • Omni-directional Antenna
  • Aviation Antenna
L8-4 Rescue Light DoC