AERO Aviation Antenna AT575-126

AERO Aviation Antenna AT575-126

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AERO Aviation Antenna AT575-126

The AERO Aviation Antenna AT575-126 is engineered to help to complete your aviation solution. The AT575-126 is a high-quality antenna built with multiple choices so it brings flexibility to it as well. With AERO products, the search is over for a business that delivers equipment that performs with little to no issues. You can always expect them to be developing new products that bring new innovations to an already innovative group of devices. Also, utilized with the correct devices, AERO products really out-perform the competition. AERO antennas assist in making sure your communication solution is ready to help keep you connected within the scope of your service.

Standard Model #: AT575-126W-TNCF-000-RG-30-NM


Frequency 1575 ± 10MHz
Polarization Right Hand Circular
Axial Ratio 3dB Max at Bore Sight
Radiation Coverage Elevation Angle
> 15°

Minimum Gain
-2.0 dBic
-3.0 dBic
-4.5 dBic
-7.5 dBic
  • High-quality Aviation Antenna

AERO Aviation Antenna AT575-12 Blueprint