AERO Aviation Antenna AT575-326

AERO Aviation Antenna AT575-326

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AERO Aviation Antenna AT575-326

The AERO Aviation Antenna AT575-326 is an ARINC 743 sized L1 band GPS antenna that is FAA TSO C-190 approved and has a slightly offset TNCF connector. A high-quality L1 band antenna from AERO that is a perfect GPS solution for aviation. The AT575-326 is a high-quality antenna from AERO that is a perfect GPS solution for the aviation market. It brings added convenience to an already proven portfolio of high-quality devices and services from some of the top manufacturers and service providers in the world today. With products from AERO you know you are getting a quality piece of equipment that will perform well when you need it.

Standard Model #: AT575-326W-TNCF-000-RG-30-NM


Frequency 1575.42 ± 10.23 MHz
Polarization Right Hand Circular
Axial Ratio 3dB Max at Bore Sight
Radiation Coverage Per DO-301
  • L1 Band GPS Antenna
  • FAA TSO C-190 Approved
L8-4 Rescue Light FAA