Antcom GPS L1 and Iridium Antenna

Antcom GPS L1 and Iridium Antenna

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Antcom GPS L1 and Iridium Antenna

L1 GPS and Iridium signals can be received by the S5GIR1516RR-XP-XXX product line. For easy installation onto platforms with tight space and weight constraints, the antenna has four mounting holes situated outside an o-ring seal. There are separate GPS and Iridium connectors included. The GPS channel is available in both passive and active (amplified) modes. The active arrangement includes limiter diodes to safeguard sensitive receiver electronics as well as 2-stage integrated bandpass filtering for strong out-of-band rejection. The passive arrangement is appropriate for applications where the antenna is close to the GPS receiver, since it has the lowest insertion loss and so reduces the noise figure of your system. The Iridium channel is a non-active channel (non-amplified). Please Contact Us or Call +1 (844) 248-0123 for customization options.


  • Multi-functional antenna includes GPS plus Iridium for size & weight savings
  • Easy installation with only one set of mounting holes and one cable clearance hole
  • Separate GPS L1 and Iridium connectors
  • Mounting screws, washers and o-ring included
  • Passive and active GPS options available
  • Connector options available
  • Paint color options available


Frequency Range
L1 GPS 1575.42 ± 12 MHz
Iridium 1610 - 1626 MHz
VSWR <2.0:1
Impedance 50 ohms
Polarization RHCP

Mechanical & Environmental

Weight 8.38 oz
Temperature -55°C TO +85°C
Altitude 70,000 ft
Vibration > 30 Grms

Typical LNA Performance

LNA Gain See Antenna Options
LNA Noise Figure 3.5 dB
LNA P1dB Out +13 dBm
LNA DC Power (3.8 - 15) V <35 mA

Limiting & Filtering

Power Handling 1 Watt CW

Antcom GPS L1 and Iridium Antenna