Iridium GO 9560 Wall Bracket Kit WBKT1301

Iridium GO 9560 Wall Bracket Kit WBKT1301

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Iridium GO 9560 Wall Bracket Kit WBKT1301

With the Iridium GO 9560 Wall Bracket Kit WBKT1301, you can have the convenience of a dock for your own personal connection from the Iridium GO satellite hotspot. The Iridium GO wall-mount bracket kit provides the ability to install the Iridium GO in a vehicle or building with easy removal. It includes mounting plate, wall bracket, and screws (2 wood, 2 metal). The mounting plate attaches to the Iridium GO with the included 1/4″ screw. The wall bracket attaches to wall or vehicle mount (ex. RAM mounts) with included screws or applicable screws/bolts. Clients have used this product in their trucks, boats, airplanes and even in their home and office. If you have multiple locations you use your Iridium GO this is a quick transport solution. Install an external antenna and a wall bracket mounting kit wherever you use your device. Slide it on, slide it off anytime you need to run out. Makes for fast solution for the worker on the go.

Grab-N-Go Convenience

When busy off of the grid you want your global connection to be simple to ease any worries. With the flexibility the Iridium GO 9560 Wall Bracket Kit WBKT1301 provides the Iridium GO! you simply come and go as you please with the Iridium GO Mount’s “grab-n-go” convenience. The simple addition of an external antenna (sold separately) to the Iridium GO 9560 Wall Bracket Kit provides a flexible environment for your global communications solution. This way when you get home with your Iridium GO you can just pop your hotspot into the mount and quickly be connected while charging your device as well; convenience at your fingertips!

Simple, Quick Connections

When on the move staying connected can be a hassle, no matter the medium. With the Iridium GO 9560 Wall Bracket Kit WBKT1301 you can stay connected and keep that same strong connection whether you are at home or in a remote office.

The Iridium GO 9560 Wall Bracket Kit brings the convenience and simplicity of a docking station but with the Iridium GO! effectively allowing a grab-n-go type of setup but for the revolutionary hotspot.


Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 1.2 in

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