NAL Research SYN7391-C Antenna

NAL Research SYN7391-C Antenna

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NAL Research SYN7391-C Antenna

Build Time: Upto 2 Weeks ARO

The NAL Research SYN7391-C Antenna is a small, inexpensive L-band antenna designed to operate with the NAL Research’s A3LA and 9601 satellite modems and trackers. It is optimized to operate under various data modes specifically for SBD. Portable Screw Mount Antenna.

  Dimensions 1.81" L x 1.71" W x 0.45" H
  Weight 1.5 oz without Cables
  Color Lusterless Black
  Connector SMA Male with 36" Cable
  Material Plastic with Hard-Anodized Base
  Ground Plane Minimum of 2" from all edges
  Operating Temp –40°F to +185°F
  Operating Altitude 20,000 feet
  Vibration > 30 G's
  Frequency 1616 to 1626.5 MHz
  Axial Ratio 2 dB
  VSWR Less than 1.5 : 1